Mérida is well known for celebrating cultural and religious events that keep our ancestral traditions alive.

As a part of these customs, which are centered on social inclusion and family-friendly activities, the city of Mérida will host the “Festival de las Ánimas 2019,” an event which is dedicated to honoring the memory of our departed family and friends with a wide variety of cultural and gastronomic activities which elevate the Maya traditions.

Friday October 25

The festival will begin on Friday October 25 with the inauguration of the “Camino de Flores” (flower walk) which will feature Day of the Dead decorations. At 7 pm, at the Centro Municipal de Danza, the show “México and its Traditions: Day of the Dead” will take place; this will include an altar exhibit and dance performances starring the center’s students from different programs such as regional folklore, Mexican dance, and more.

Saturday October 26

On Saturday October 26 at 8 pm, experience “Death Dances at the Noche Mexicana” at the Remate de Paseo de Montejo. This edition of a Saturday night classic will include the participation of the states of Querétaro, Michoacán, and Sinaloa.

Sunday October 27

For those who enjoy the traditional Pib (a Yucatecan dish which is made especially during Hanal Pixán and Day of the Dead celebrations), on Sunday October 27 from 9 am to 8 pm, the San Sebastián neighborhood will host the “Mucbilpollo Fair” which will feature the participation of 16 different vendors.

The puppet company Tito y Tita will present a lively kid-friendly show within the “Mérida en Domingo” program: “Misterio en la Calle de las Ánimas” (Mystery of Soul Street).

Monday the 28th

On Monday the 28th, at the entrance to the Palacio Municipal, the “Vaquería de las Ánimas” will take place at 9 pm.

Tuesday the 29th

On Tuesday the 29th, at 8 pm, the Centro Cultural Olimpo will host the “Kili’ich Pixán” (Sacred Souls) photo exhibit. The images will include the Maya ritual which used to involve washing the deceased, as well as photographs of altars, and intimate Yucatecan moments at the cemetery. At 9 pm, the Cathedral’s atrium, a regional theater piece titled “Llegaron los Pixanes” (Here Come the Souls) will take place.

Wednesday October 30 


Enjoy the Storytelling. The General Cemetery will open its gates to the public on Wednesday October 30 at 8 pm to present the play “Ujaanal Pixano’ob” (The Food of the Souls) and offer a tour of the mausoleums. At 8:30 pm, the historical and cultural tour will be offered and will include stories, legends, and anecdotes of the mausoleums, and the General and Florido Cemeteries.

At 9 pm, a special bike ride organized by Cicloturixes will depart from the Parque de Santa Ana to tour the Centro Histórico, ending at the General Cemetery.

Thursday October 31

On Thursday October 31, starting at 7 pm, the popular “Paseo de las Ánimas” will take place. This is one of the most important events of the holiday and is a definite favorite during the Hanal Pixán festivities. The walk leaves from the General Cemetery towards the Parque de San Juan, and includes the participation of “souls” wearing regional dress. You will also enjoy traditional snacks and sweets sold by vendors while you watch the cultural shows and presentations.

Friday November 1

At 8 pm on Friday November 1, there will be a special presentation of the Pok ta Pok (Maya ball game) in front of the Cathedral’s atrium. The change of days for this event will only be in place for the Festival de las Ánimas.

Saturday, November 2

The festival will end on Saturday, November 2 with several activities such as the evening Biciruta at 6 pm along Paseo de Montejo, and the Catrina Night at 8 pm at the Remate de Paseo de Montejo.

For more information: www.merida.gob.mx

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