Oxkutzcab, also known as the “state’s orchard,” is a city located in the south part of Yucatán that offers one of the most interesting annual fairs in our state. Can you imagine a parade with floats, stands, and even decorative figures made out of oranges, mandarins, grapefruits, limes, and tropical fruits grown in the region? During the Orange Fair, you will be able to see trains, castles, arches, church replicas, and other figures.


2022 Main Attractions

In 2018, the fair will be held from December 8 to 18, and the main attractions are the figures and representations made from oranges and citrus fruits, such as huge arches, replicas of buildings and archeological sites, and many other imaginary figures, due to the creativity and ability of the Oxkutzcab farmers. All of this is possible thanks to the donation of approximately 10 thousand various fruits from farmers who collaborate to proudly show the fruits they have cultivated.


Why an orange fair?

The answer is simple, most of the oranges (and tropical fruits) that are produced in the more than 100 farms around Oxkutzcab supply supermarkets and stores all over the Yucatán península, and they are even exported to other countries!


Oxkutzcab - Feria de la Naranja, Orange Fair

This fair takes place every year with settings in the main park, the Palacio Municipal hallways, and the “Teatro del Pueblo.” This will be the 34th edition of the fair! The first edition took place in 1985 as a way to promote the regional farming sector, and it has been held every year since.


In recent years, the fair has become a tourist attraction that brings visitors from all over the country who come to see the more than 90 exhibition stands from the farming sector, restaurants, and handcrafts, as well as a livestock show. You can buy tropical fruits and, of course, citrus fruits!


Oxkutzcab - Feria de la NaranjaSome family activities have become part of the event, such as the coronation of the queen of the fair, musical concerts, “Vaquería” dances, sport races, comic shows, magicians, dances, as well as mechanical games, both free and with entry fees.


One of the most-awaited events during the fair is the “sweetest orange” contest, a very special award that is given to the regional farmer who has fruit with the highest degrees Brix, a parameter for evaluating the amount of sugar in the orange. This is an essential factor in the maintenance of flavor and freshness. Interesting fact: in 2015, the awarded orange had 16 degrees Brix.


What are you waiting for? Visit Oxkutzcab and enjoy the sweetest flavors in Yucatán!


How to get to Oxkutzcab:

Muna – Peto highway, 1.5 hours from Mérida


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