“Such beautiful shoes you’re wearing! Where are they from?…Thanks, they’re from Ticul,” proudly answers a woman showing off a pair of modern, fashionable shoes manufactured in the Yucatecan shoe capital. This conversation is frequently heard in Yucatán and is testimony to the excellent work done by men and women shoemakers in Ticul.

From a family business to a company with tradition

With more than 50 years of tradition that started with a group of families from that city, who were dedicated to the artisan manufacture of shoes, mainly for women, today Ticul has evolved in the business, with companies dedicated to women’s, men’s and children’s shoes. They even have equipment for production lines, but maintain care in the handcrafted details in every pair of shoes made and displayed in the workshops, stores, and shoe boutiques that are located in the downtown area of the city.

The shoe fame of Ticul is not only known in Yucatán, but also in the neighboring states, whose citizens visit and buy modern, high quality, tailor made shoes, with different options in styles and prices. This prestige has grown with the passing of the years, by offering original models with the latest trends and classic styles, as well as variety and quality in materials, design and comfort.

Ready to buy some shoes? We are sure you’ll want not just one pair, but many. Take advantage of your trip to Ticul, only an hour and 20 minutes from Mérida, in the heart of the Puuc Route.

December fair

Use this holiday time for some shoe shopping. Don’t miss Ticul’s shoe fair from December 14 – 23 organized in the main plaza of the city, where you’ll find shoes starting at $100 pesos, plus purses and clothing.

Organized by the “Cámara de Comercio Sede Ticul,” the fair brings together more than 50 exhibitors from the main factories offering the most recent styles. With fashion prints on the soles that will amaze you, sandals, high heels, boots, for women, men, and children, you will find everything with great prices.

Plus, when you go to the fair and buy many pairs of shoes (we know that you will buy many), you will be supporting local businesses, companies built by men and women of Ticul who work hard every day to offer quality shoes.

For a better shopping experience, walk around the exhibitors’ stands, choose your favorites, and if you go by car, make some space in the trunk. If you decide to go by combi or bus, don’t worry, you’ll also be able to take some boxes of shoes with you, ready to wear. Soon you too will be the protagonist of a similar conversation as the one we mentioned in the first line of this article!

Besides the fair, you can also get to know the factories and stores, just ask for a “tricitaxi” that are parked all over the main square and near the bus station, to take you around; this way the experience will be unique for many reasons, the form of transport alone is unique and your guide will take you to the kind of shops that you are looking for, sandals, high heels, and more. They can wait for you and help you load your boxes onto the “tricitaxi.” Normally they charge by the hour… and we can assure you that you will need at least two hours for a good time shopping for shoes in Ticul!

Por Violeta H. Cantarell

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