When you are in travel mode you want to take advantage of every moment, to visit and discover everything. Conkal offers a different kind of escape, with one of the most beautiful ex convents in Yucatán, the only sacred art museum in the state and regional cuisine with homemade taste…only 20 minutes from Mérida.

From the Periférico take Salida (exit) #11 towards Motul, and follow the signs to the town. We recommend that you wear light clothes and comfortable shoes. Start your visit at the San Francisco de Asís Church. Built in the 17th century with stones and mud, and situated above a pre-Hispanic temple, on its façade you can see three bell towers. Start taking pictures all over the town.

The town celebrations are held in May, honoring our Lady of Fátima, and in October, honoring the patron Saint Francis of Assisi.

Don’t miss a walk through the halls that will take you to two central patios, and also visit the cloister and dormitories. It’s really easy to imagined the monks in this quiet and relax environment.

Next to the ex convent you will find the only sacred art museum in Yucatán, Museo de Arte Sacro. It was recently redesigned and in four rooms it exhibits documents, sculptures, photography, altarpieces, and files about the history of the churches in the state. You will be able to learn more about the styles of different churches, shown in a map; it will surely make you want to go and visit them all.

By now you will probably be a little hungry. Take advantage of your visit to Conkal and go for lunch to Los Frailes on Calle 21, open Tuesday – Sunday from 12 pm – 7 pm. The peaceful setting has all different kinds of plants, with the feel of a hacienda, including a terrace and an indoor area with air conditioning. The restaurant serves Yucatecan food, freshly prepared. You can enjoy delicious “poc chuc,” “jaroches,” or try a dish from their signature menu, natural juices, beers, and cocktails. Leave room for desert, whether a “flan” or an ice cream with coffee and liqueur.

If you go on a weekend you will be able to see the daily life of the local people, walking to the market, entire families enjoying the tranquil pace of life. You will notice that Maya is spoken as much as Spanish.

Visit Conkal and share your experience with us!

Visit It!
Iglesia de San Francisco de Asís

Museo de Arte Sacro de Yucatán
Tuesday – Saturday: 10 am – 5 pm
Sunday: 10 am – 1 pm
Free entry

Editorial by Violeta H. Cantarell

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