We all love the classics – those Mérida staples we’ve been to a thousand times over. Sometimes, however, it’s nice to step out of our comfort zone and experience some of the other culinary marvels our state has to offer. Personally, I do tend to sin when it comes to trying new things. I like comfort, what can I say? But whenever I do try something new, I am so glad I did! There are always new spots popping up (even in the middle of a pandemic) and there are those hidden places we have yet to visit. That’s why we decided to check out some cool, under the radar spots that deserve our attention (and empty stomachs). Be safe, use your facemask, and eat to your heart’s content!


El Apapacho

El Apapacho, as the name suggests, is a warm hug if a warm hug could be a place. The first thing you’ll see is a living room with two bookcases, a staircase, the patio, and the kitchen. In the library “La Meiga,” you can find key books on feminism, philosophy, political science, gender studies, novels, and poetry. The restaurant was created with artists’ wages in mind, so be sure your wallet will be taken care of. El Apapacho looks to explore all those possibilities that Mexican cuisine offers. There are also plenty of vegan and vegetarian options available! El Apapacho knows not to take itself too seriously. Eat on their patio and social distance while having some delicious Huevos a la Mexicana


Calle 62 #354 x 41 y 43, Centro
Tel. (999) 923 1385
FB: El Apapacho “Comida Nada Gourmet y Arte”


Avec Amour

This French-Mexican bistro is a beautiful corner in Parque Santa Lucía. We know you’ve visited all you think there is to know in this corner of the city, so we’re excited for you to try something new and oh-so-yummy. The Croque Yuca is a modern twist on the Croque Monsieur; it’s made with chicken marinated in sour oranges, honey, and mustard, with Chile Poblano, Swiss cheese, bacon, and garlic mayo. Other musts are the Fettuccini Amour and the French bread.  


Calle 60 x 55 y 53, Parque Santa Lucía
Tel. (999) 546 7203
IG: @avec_amour_merida


Cuna Mérida

Chef Maycoll Calderón visited Yucatán and was captivated by the colors, smells, landscapes, and warm people. He knew his story in Yucatán wasn’t over. At Cuna, they aim to rescue materials and techniques used by local artisans through their walls, details, furniture, tableware, and textiles. You won’t find traditional Yucatecan dishes in Cuna; instead, you’ll savor a new way to use our local ingredients. Their entire image is pink too, which is marvelous to say the least. It’s romantic, chic, and ideal for Sunday brunch. You can find it inside the Wayam Mundo Imperial hotel.


Av. Colón #508, Col. García Ginerés
Tel. (999) 689 2280
WhatsApp: 9993 62 07 37
IG: @cuna.merida


Pan and Koffee

Upon researching this place, I realized it is fairly popular, but it wasn’t known to me and may not be to you either, so here you go. You just have to take a look at this artisanal bakery and espresso bar’s Instagram feed to get a massive carb craving very quickly. Try their cinnamon rolls “made with croissant dough and lots of love” for an experience that’s out of this world; if you’re looking for a more savory nibble, bite into their gourmet grilled cheese (grilled cheese with roasted tomatoes and basil). Pan and Koffee is located close to Paseo de Montejo and is therefore ideal for a hearty breakfast after a morning walk.


Calle 43 #485 x 58 y 60, Santa Ana
Tel. (999) 111 1111
IG: @panandkoffee


El Hoyo Casa del Té

This is a quirky spot with a ton of personality located in Mérida Centro. As you wander in, you’ll find an antiques, décor, and furniture store inside. If you’re into tea, you will love this place. The variety they have is wide and it has a relaxing and peaceful vibe. There are vegan and vegetarian options as well. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet Tisana, the shop’s host/cat that will ensure your visit is “purrfect.” El Hoyo Casa del Té is the ideal place to curl up with a book (and a face covering) and disconnect from the world for just a little bit.


Calle 62 #468 x 55 y 57, Centro
Tel. (999) 924 6835
IG: @elhoyocasadete



Editorial por Greta Garrett
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Photography by Pau Abimeri, Cuna Mérida, El Apapacho, and Avec Amour for use in Yucatán Today.

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