La Bierhaus

If you’ve always wanted to visit Germany, you can always “travel” there for a few hours at La Bierhaus. Here you will find traditional gastronomy, German beer, furnishings, uniforms, and of course the look and feel will immediately transport you to this amazing country. The ambience is very similar to a local German tavern, and the selection of German beer is impressive. There are also German white and red wines to choose from. Make sure you are good and hungry when you go! The specialty of the house, “Chamorro”, is very popular. Prost!

Calle 23 #93 x 18 y 20, Col. México
Tel. (999) 286 8022
Calle 62 x 57 y 59, Centro
Tel. (999) 928 0333
FB: La Bierhaus

Le Bistrot

In this typical French bistro, blending the traditional and the modern, you can enjoy 100% homemade food by Chef Alain Mallat. Enjoy typical dishes like French onion soup topped with cheese, rack of lamb, Maxim’s style lobster bisque, pate de foie gras, cheese and meat platters, duck confit, carpaccios, homemade pizzas, and of course delicious crème brûlée! Whether you decide on breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this French bistro will delight you!

Prolongación Paseo de Montejo x 17 y 19 (beside Librería Dante)
Tel. (999) 944 1808
FB: Le Bistrot Mérida

Rosa Sur 32º

Intimate restaurant with a unique concept that blends Mexican roots and the best of the Mediterranean. Where the aromatic herbs, the cooking processes, and the ingredients from countries such as Greece and Italy are blended in a perfect fusion with local flavors such as Yucatecan oregano or sour orange. So now you know: if you are in Centro and starving for something delicious and totally original, drop in to Rosa Sur 32º. As a tip, ask for the “pesca del día” (fish of the day) or for the chef’s suggestions.

Parque de Santa Lucía
Tel. (999) 923 1558
FB: Rosa Sur 32

Napoli Mia

The best Neapolitan cuisine is reflected in the menu of Napoli Mia. Their location is totally unique; while you are seated there you will have an amazing panoramic view of the church of the Santa Ana barrio. With every bite you will be traveling around Naples, Italy. Order the “Frittura Mista di Terra,” ideal for sharing, and if you are an eggplant lover check out the dishes that have it as an ingredient. You won’t regret it!

Calle 60 #409 x 45 y 47, Centro
Tel. (999) 289 5733
FB: Napoli Mia Pasta Kitchen


What about a spinach pizza with “chaya” (Yucatecan spinach), sundried tomatoes, and goat cheese? This amazing dish and many others are on the menu at Aruma, located inside the hotel Mansión Lavanda in the barrio of San Juan. Here you will find a perfect blend of European and Yucatecan flavors. Are you ready to discover them?

Calle 64 #547 x 67 y 69, Centro
Cel. 9991 35 38 94
FB: Aruma Mid

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