At some point, everyone feels the need to improve their quality of life by means of their oral health. At this moment we begin the task of researching options and prices. This path can be tiresome, tedious and sometimes our budget is not sufficient. So our desire to have a better smile can gradually diminish to the last place in our list of priorities.


Medical tourism in the city of Mérida can be our salvation. Can you imagine yourself on the beach with your family, having an unforgettable experience, where your children enjoy the sea, the sun, the sand, while you enjoy the gastronomy that the sea has to offer? And in addition, return to your home with the teeth you always dreamed of. This is possible thanks to the prices in Mexico, which are very low compared to countries like the USA and Canada, where they are extremely high. Here are some examples:


An endodontics procedure, with the placement of a post and a zirconia crown:


Endodontics (root canal): $1500 USD
Post core: $200 USD
Zirconia crown: $2000 USD
Total: $3700 USD


Endodontics (root canal): $3000 pesos
Post core: $1500 pesos
Zirconia crown: $7000 pesos
Total: $11,500 pesos (approx. $600 USD, depending on exchange rate)


Dental implants:
USA: $2500 USD
México: $15,000 pesos (approx. $800 USD, depending on exchange rate)


Dental veneers:
USA: $2000 USD
México: $7500 pesos (approx. $400 USD, depending on exchange rate)


These are only single dental procedures. If you need other procedures, the difference adds up. Think about it! For this difference you would be able to pay for your plane tickets, hotel, food, and family outings. The state of Yucatán is rich in culture, history, and gastronomy, and its geographical location makes it perfect to receive people from all over the world. Come learn about the Maya culture and have the best experience that only Yucatán can offer!


Contributed by Dr. Ricardo E. Castillo Mancera
Endodontik Oficina Dental


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