As a new way to discover the city, the Ayuntamiento de Mérida has launched a promenade in electric Calesas (horseless carriages). This new service allows visitors to discover the White City’s most iconic streets, buildings, and monuments.


This innovation brings a new service to our residents and visitors and gives rise to more and better means for sustainable tourism in the city. 


Mérida’s first six electric Calesas give 40-minutes touristic tours. They depart from two different locations: one in front of the Casa de Montejo, in Calle 63 x 60 y 62, Centro; and the second, from Paseo de Montejo x Avenida Colón, next to the Ayuntamiento de Mérida’s tourist information module.


Mérida - Calesas eléctricas - ElectricOn board, you’ll see the greatness of Mérida’s buildings and emblematic spots. Among them, the Ateneo Peninsular, the Pasaje de la Revolución, the Catedral de San Ildefonso, the Teatro Peón Contreras, the church and park of Santa Lucía and Santa Ana, the Paseo de Montejo Avenue, the Casas Gemelas, the Museo Regional de Antropología de Yucatán Palacio Cantón, Montejo 495, the Quinta Montes Molina, the Casa Peón de Regil, and the Monumento a la Patria.


With seats for up to four people and at $400 pesos per Calesa, the visitors can take a tour through the history of the city. The tour is available any moment from 9 am to 11 pm, all week.


The arrival of this new electric Calesas showcases Mérida as an innovative, modern, sustainable, and friendly city for the environment and the fauna. This shows its ability to adapt to the changes happening in the world, at the same time promotes traditions while guaranteeing its long-term presence. 



For this first stage, the city has six electric Calesas; if you want to live a new experience, check out the page: and enjoy a new way to fall in love with Mérida. 



Photography by H. Ayuntamiento de Mérida for use in Yucatán Today.

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