Mundo en un Pueblo Maya telchacFrom a paradisiacal fishing town, populated by kind, honest, and warm people, sheltered by a beautiful emerald green sea lined by beaches with large palm trees and delicious, refreshing coconuts, comes a wonderful cultural project without precedent in the state of Yucatán. During “El Mundo en un Pueblo Maya”, 1º Festival Internacional de Música y Danza Tradicional, (the world in a Maya town, 1st international festival of traditional music and dance), music and dance will be the tools which demonstrate the cultural richness in the artistic areas of music, dance, literature, visual arts, theater, and gastronomy.

This festival is a space for dialogue, understanding, knowledge, and the exchange of wonderful cultures of the world. It is a window open to the outside world, to share the artistic areas and traditions not only of the land of the Maya and their Yucatecan heirs, but also of the diverse and extraordinary cultures of Yucatán, México, and the world.

Traditional musicians and dancers representing Lebanon, Malaysia, South Korea, Ecuador, Colombia, Cuba, Ireland, the guest country of honor Canada, the guest state of honor Michoacán, and of course Mexico and the state of Yucatán, are important members of the program.

In this first edition of “El Mundo en un Pueblo Maya”, there will be conferences, concerts, shows, workshops for children, galleries, monumental urban sculptures, murals, gastronomy displays, magisterial classes, and many more activities in this cultural festival.

“El Mundo en un Pueblo Maya” will take place in the town of Telchac Puerto from April 30-May 5, 2015.

During the days of the festival, the galleries will be open from 10 am to 11 pm. The “Pax” workshops for children, “El Camino de la Paz”, will take place on Thursday, April 30 from 4-7 pm, Saturday, May 2 from 10 am-1 pm, and Monday, May 4 from 10 am-1 pm. There will be workshops which include literature, centrifugal painting, dance, music, paper, and theater, all on the covered court of “Langosteros”.

The monumental sculptural exhibition will take place on the main street which leads to the pier, as well as the central park facing the Ayuntamiento Municipal (city hall). In addition to the presentations of traditional music and dance from the guest countries and state of Michoacán, you will be able to enjoy the traditional festivals and music of Yucatán, including trova, “charangas”, the amazing “vaquería” on May 2 at 9 pm, from a series of musical groups and Maya shows.

Telchac Puerto waits for you with open arms to enjoy the tranquility and nature that this marvellous setting has to offer. Don’t miss it!

Click here for the program (subject to change). There are more details at Facebook: El Mundo en un Pueblo Maya, and the website


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