Gran Museo Mundo Maya ExteriorRich in Maya cultural and traditional heritage, El Gran Museo del Mundo Maya is an open passage which will take you by the hand on a tour full of mysticism and knowledge of the millenium and modern Maya world.

The communication process between the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya and its visitors by means of digital and interactive systems, projections, audiovisuals, immersion rooms, and Internet connections on the tour, make your visit a pleasant experience, rich in new knowledge. You can watch the projections in each room, they only take 8 minutes and are well worth the time.


The Gran Museo del Mundo Maya displays a magnificent collection of more than 1160 pieces, allowing you to admire textiles, religious objects and various belongings which reflect the daily life of the Maya of today; there are also engravings, books, and historical documents, as well as religious and artistic works from the viceroy era; and don’t miss the heritage items from the prehispanic era including stele, bas-relief, and stone sculptures; clay pots and ceramics, as well as sumptuous adornments and objects of gold, jade, and shell.


The Sala Permanente (permanent exhibit) contains four main sections:


  • Salon 1: El Mayab, Naturaleza y Cultura (Maya, nature, and culture), where the geographic and human richness and diversity of the Maya region is presented.
  • Salon 2: Mayas de Hoy (Maya of today), a reflection on the current conditions of the Maya, including the topics of economy, education, ceremonies, and daily life.
  • Salon 3: Mayas de Ayer (Maya of yesterday), where the drastic economic, political, and social transformations caused by the conquest are presented.
  • Salon 4: Mayas Ancestrales (ancestral Maya), exhibiting their ancient vision of the world, their knowledge, and their art.


The MAYAMAX salon is one of the main attractions of the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya. Here the public can enjoy spectacular cinematographic and short productions. With your same entry ticket and during the same visit, you can enjoy the programming in this salon, which offers a high-impact experience thanks to its technical quality and high definition sound.


At the end of your tour, try some regional food in the restaurant-bar. And stop by the gift store for a lovely souvenir.


At night, you can enjoy the free sound and light show “YUCAMA’YA’AB”, on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at 8:30 pm on the museum exterior, on the esplanade, visible from the street.
Hours: 8 am – 5 pm; closed on Tuesdays
Admission Non-Mexicans: $150 pesos. Mexicans: $100 pesos. Kids under 12 and adult Yucatecan residents: $50 pesos.

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