Dear reader, we know you like food. We also know you like to experiment and try new things. Sometimes we too feel bougie and want to strut around town trying out the latest hotspots. Other times, we just want to munch on some fantastically cheap eats at the market. Do we get to have the best of both worlds? I’m so glad you asked.


Sushi: Maya de Asia, Miyabi, and Sushi Co

If you feel like spicing things up, try Maya de Asia. They have a wonderful selection of rolls. Try the Sikil Roll (tuna and cucumber on the outside and fresh salmon, mango, Sikil Pak, and furikake on the inside). Their Yucatecan-Asian fusion creations are to die for, plus the décor and view of The Harbor are really special. It’s ideal for a birthday dinner or a (safe and socially distanced) night out with friends. In the middle we have Miyabi, a Mérida staple known for mastering the art of sushi. I urge you to order the Momoka roll. Finally, Sushi Co is a great go-to for its laid-back style and a wallet-friendly evening.


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Yucatecan: MUGY and Mercado de Santa Ana

Yucatecan food is always a fantastic choice, no doubt. If you’re craving a traditional cuisine that features influences from all over the world, I have excellent news: you’ve come to the right place. MUGY has mastered some of our local favorites such as Panuchos, Cochinita, and of course, Frijol con Puerco. The restaurant itself is part eatery and part museum, so you can delight all your senses at the same time. Going to the Mercado de Santa Ana is a whole experience in itself. Find the freshest ingredients and the nicest and most welcoming people. You can pick from a variety of stands and choose whatever your heart desires (or you can hit up two or three, we don’t judge you).


FB: Museo de la gastronomía yucateca
Mercado de Santa Ana: Calle 47 x 58 y 60, Centro


Brunch: Guillermina and Flores Café

Breakfast is a passion of mine, as some of you may already know. It just sets your day on the right track, you know? This time around, we’re talking about Guillermina and Flores Café. Guillermina is a beautiful place where brunch reigns. Try the Chilaquiles, French toast, and the Charcuterie plate. Gossip the morning away, pick one of their beautiful corners, and fill your stomach up. Flores Café is just as yummy and super laid-back. It’s quirky and unassuming, and you’re bound to have a fantastic time looking at its funky décor. It’s a bit of an Alice in Wonderland vibe. I particularly love the Café de Olla, the Huevos Motuleños, and spending time on the terrace. Watch out for the monkey hanging from the ceiling.


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Sweets: Pistache and Krazy Donuts

Got a serious sweet tooth? Me too. Pistache is a French-style patisserie that bakes some of the best desserts in Mérida. I love (and this should be in all caps) their fruit tarts, custard-filled Eclairs, and cakes. Besides, if you’re somewhat of a Macaron fan, you’ll find an almost overwhelming variety at Pistache. Currently they’re offering pick-up service only. Krazy Donuts is a super famous and locally-owned donut shop in Mérida for people who love exciting and colorful confections. Don’t even think about ordering a regular donut (they’re also delicious, but you have come to Krazy Donuts, so live a little), and try the Maple Bacon one. Crazy wasn’t enough to describe their creations, so they spelled it with a K. I don’t know but I think that says a lot.


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Burgers: ACQUA, Mítica, and Truck Chef

Who hasn’t seen the viral video of deliciously perfect cheese cascading onto ACQUA’s most iconic creation? Go and try it out for yourself, they have a fantastic menu all around, but seriously their burgers are out of this world. Mítica, is the new girl in town and has quickly made the burger-loving community freak out over their high quality burgers. As a person who has indulged in many of their delectable hamburgers, I can safely say they’re legendary. My favorite is the Double Crispy Onion Burger. On the lower cost side of things we have Truck Chef. The Joplin and the Hendrix (yes, they are very cool) will melt in your mouth.


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Coffee: Manifesto, Kadus, and Placer y Delirio

Caffeine, what a wonderful and legal substance! For our fancier option we have Manifesto, a classic for me. Either their place downtown or their shop in the North of Mérida deserves a visit. Order their bottled cold brew and freshly baked Bolitas de Queso (they’re the size of a large Guinea pig’s head). Kadus is a cute place as well, with a wide variety of coffee options. If you are into sweet and fun coffee drinks, I will argue this is your go-to. Placer y Delirio is a hidden gem (I almost don’t want to tell you about it) in Barrio de Santiago. Their coffee is affordable, they have a chocolate bar (I know!), and a super chill and amicable vibe.


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Photography by the restaurants, Greta Garrett, Nora Garret y Cassie Pearse for use in Yucatán Today.

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