If you’ve been in Mérida even just for a few days, you’ve probably visited the Barrio de Santa Lucía. You’ll find the Plaza (a beautiful place to dine) and many hidden gems (not to mention other spots that are not quite so hidden, but equally lovely) in this neighborhood. I took a stroll and ate a lot so you don’t have to.




This is biased because Voltacafé is one of my all-time favorite places, but how could it not be? Their new place downtown sits in Plaza Carmesí, a new hotspot that is home to a bunch of cool shops. I visited for the first time with some friends and began my meal with a peanut iced coffee. I opted for the Chilaquiles (it’s my go-to and they were delish) and also had a bite of the Croque Madame. The Torta de Chilaquiles looked amazing and my buddy Luis had no trouble finishing it up in less than five minutes.


Calle 62 #450 x 51 y 53, Centro
Tel. (999) 429 9840
FB: Voltacafé
IG: Voltacafé




  Cartas a Frida

This new up and coming bistro bar serves homemade Mexican food with a gourmet touch. Their concept is Mexican-chic. You can feel right at home as soon as you walk into this art-infused place. They find inspiration in Frida Kahlo, her art, and Mexican culture. Try the Cochinita Fridakhiles or the Sopa de Lima! Don’t forget to ask about their paint and wine night.


Calle 55 #492 x 58 y 60, Centro
Tel. (999) 924 8278
FB: Cartas a Frida
IG: Cartas a Frida




La Tratto

La Tratto is an Italian classic nestled inside the corridors of Santa Lucía park. I’ve been witness to the amount of food one can ingest while in this restaurant. My favorites include the Pizza Margherita, the beef carpaccio, and all the pastas. You can dine outside and keep a safe distance no problem.


Calle 60 #476-A, Parque Santa Lucia, Centro
Tel. (999) 923 3787
FB: La Tratto
IG: La Tratto




Orgánico Bar de Café & Cocina

I discovered this place while roaming around Centro. It’s a beautiful and quirky place to have a cup of coffee (you can choose from their selection of Mexican coffee beans) and chill for a bit. I especially like the Molletes for breakfast and the Pasta al pesto for lunch. Of course, while you’re there, you also have to try one of their iced lattes. Orgánico offers lovely service, affordable prices, and a homey vibe.


Calle 53 #502-D x 60 y 62, Centro
Tel. (999) 924 7753
FB: Orgánico
IG: Orgánico Bar de Café





Once you’re done filling your stomach and you think you’re full, think twice. Head over to Ki’Xocolatl in Santa Lucía and let them blow your mind with all things chocolate. When I tell you this is ridiculously good, I mean it. This beautiful place is ideal for people with a sweet tooth and chocolate connoisseurs –  the perfect ending to a day of strolling down Santa Lucía.


Calle 60 #471, Parque de Santa Lucia, Centro
Tel. (999) 923 3384
FB: Ki Xocolatl
IG: Ki Xocolatl




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Photography by the restaurants, Greta Garrett y Nora Garret for use in Yucatán Today.

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