laura-presentacion-libroMany visitors to Yucatán notice that we have a great number of street dogs and cats. Most have been abused, neglected, or abandoned. There are several NGOs here with hard-working volunteers who are changing the situation. They focus on animal rescue-rehabilitation-adoption, sterilization campaigns, law enforcement, government regulations, and education. One of the most effective education approaches is to teach young children the importance of caring for their pets and not abusing animals. Slowly the culture will change if our young people’s values are changed. And on April 15, 2013 a new law was unanimously passed in the state of Yucatán making animal abuse a crime.

Phyllis Haakh de Duffy has written a wonderful book in Spanish: “Dos Perritos con Suerte”. It tells the heartwarming story of two abandoned sibling dogs and their adventures searching for caring homes. A.F.A.D. (Albergue Franciscano del Animal Desprotegido) has given away more than 2000 copies of the book in its efforts to create consciousness among children ages 5-9, including copies for the students of Telchac Puerto during the recent sterilization campaign organized by PAAR (Programa Animales Al Rescate).

Laura Marlowe is the author of the children’s book “Tommy the Throwaway Dog” (also available in Spanish under the title “Tommy el Perro de Usar y Tirar”), based on a true story in the USA.  When Tommy was a puppy, his first owner hurt him badly and then threw him away when he was near death.  Thanks to a little luck in the form of a city worker, Tommy was found, rescued and given the chance to recover, after which a wonderful family adopted him.  His story touched Laura’s heart in a big way and she was inspired to turn it into a children’s book that could be used to educate children and earn proceeds to donate, including to several non-profit NGOs in Mexico and one in Yucatán (Protección de Perros y Gatos de Progreso). It is available as a book in both languages, an iBook, and a DVD. The book has inspired children to be kinder to animals and also to read more books more often. Click here to read interview with Laura.

To help, contact:

A.F.A.D. (Albergue Franciscano del Animal Desprotegido)

Evolución Animal A.C.

PAAR (Programa Animales Al Rescate) Telchac Puerto
Facebook: PAAR Telchac

Protección de Perros y Gatos de Progreso
Email: [email protected]

Tommy the Throwaway Dog (book, iBook, DVD)


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