More than 10 years ago, a special place opened its doors that won the hearts (and the tummies) of visitants and Yucatecans alike, where your soul was moved with each spoonful. You must be thinking, what are they talking about? Well, back then the place was known as Domo Blanco, known for its delicious gelatos.

Our friends from Domo Gelato decided to give the store a makeover, and now we can find them in the north part of the city at Plaza Ateneum on Ave. García Lavín, under the new name of Domo Gelato, Helado Artesanal Argentino. You will find all their delicious traditional flavors plus many other new house creations that you’ll want to try, with 30 options to choose from.

But why Argentinean gelatos? The answer is simple: Italian influence has long been present in Argentina, in its traditions and customs, and of course gastronomy is no exception. So as soon as you enter Domo Gelato, you will feel transported to Patagonia; there are photos and maps on the walls, and the flavors will take you on a journey around the world.

Among the delicious flavors available, consider “Menta Granizada” (chocolate chip mint), Stracciatella, “Dulce de Leche,” or many others. Ask about the flavor of the month; in August it’s Crème Brûlée, so try it before it’s all gone.

All the gelatos and desserts are homemade, of course, with products from all over the world, but also with local ingredients such as fruits. If you have a special event coming up, Domo Gelato can offer you something fresh and delicious as an option for your guests. Enjoy!

Domo Gelato Helado Artesanal Argentino
Plaza Ateneum, Av. García Lavín x 27, Col. Montebello
Monday to Saturday: 12 pm – 10 pm
Sunday: 2 pm – 10 pm
FB: Domo Gelato Helado Artesanal Argentino

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