Watching Artist Dominic Greco work in his fabulous Chelem workshop, makes anyone think that drawing, painting or sculpting clay as he does is very easy. And in the same way during their courses transmits the idea that everything is part of a game, that you have to have fun, that you have to enjoy, and in that exercise the frustration is always stored in a drawer.

More than 50 years of artistic activity of Dominic Greco have endowed him with an exceptional command of his style in any of the disciplines with which he has committed himself. The persecution of his identity imprint that obsesses many artists, has been surpassed by Maestro Greco, perhaps because of his self-assurance, but much more probably because of his experience. The same in drawings on the humblest sheet of bond paper that on the most capricious and challenging ceramics elaborated with the technique of raku.

The aesthetics of the human figure in all its splendor, as a central part of the Master’s production, is the theme of the exhibition that we are now presenting at El Caimito. The playful bodies, stylized, entangled, engaged in numerous situations, exposed in their skins of paper, oil pastel or baked clay allow us to enter that piece of the artistic world that Dominic Greco has been building, for himself and for those who, like him, enjoy of the originality of the gestural outline, which leaves a trace of good trade and passion.

I am a student of Dominic, as have been hundreds of people in Mexico and the USA. I appreciate your great patience and enjoy sharing your knowledge, as well as your daily effort to let us know that everything is ONLY ONE GAME … life.

José Luis Rumbo
Director of the artists collective and gallery El Caimito

The exhibition will remain in the gallery EL Caimito until March 15, 2018. Scheduled visits from 10 am to 2 pm and from 4 to 8 pm from Monday to Friday. Also from 10 am to 2 pm Saturdays and Sundays.

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