2304 Dzilam de Bravo Tico's tours muelle by Sara AlbaAs we departed from Mérida towards Dzilam de Bravo, with the streets slowly coming to life, the only thing running through my slightly drowsy mind was my mother’s voice reciting the phrase ‘The early bird gets the worm.’ I wondered what adventures the day held in store for us, but one thing was for sure: I knew that the famous saying (and my mother) would prove to be right in the end.


Our destination, Dzilam de Bravo, whose name refers to peeling or stripping tree trunks, is a charming fishing port located an hour and a half away from Mérida. Now fully awake, we were welcomed by Alberto Massa, better known as Tico, the creator of Tico’s Tours and our guide for the day. Tico is a Dzilam de Bravo native and used to assist his godfather in giving boat tours when he was younger. Over time, Tico decided to start his own tourism service.


Before embarking on our boat journey along the coast, Tico explained the itinerary we would follow. He told us that the adventure would begin with ‘trolling,’ or fishing with a line while the boat was in motion, towards our first destination, and that the fruits of our efforts would be our lunch later on. None of the five people in my group had any previous experience, but thanks to Tico’s great skill and assistance, as he has been practicing fishing since he was young, we had nothing to worry about. With contagious passion, he taught us the basics, and once the boat left the dock, we began our practical lesson.



Once out at sea, Tico warned us that fishing is an art that requires a lot of patience (and sometimes a good dose of luck). Fish, like fortune, are elusive, and depending on various factors such as fishing technique or wind direction, you might either catch an abundance or return to land empty-handed. But don’t worry, Tico will do everything in his power to ensure the latter doesn’t happen.



2304 Dzilam de Bravo Tico's tours punta arena fish by atnavarreteYou’re probably wondering if we managed to catch anything… well, let me tell you that some of us were lucky, while others, not so much. In my case, it didn’t take more than five minutes before I felt a tug on the line. At that moment, adrenaline kicked in, and I pulled the line as fast as possible until I caught a barracuda, not bad for my first catch. In total, we caught five barracudas (three by ourselves and two that Tico caught to make sure we wouldn’t go hungry), a common species in the area where there are also snooks and snappers.


Chakaltun Rocks

Our first stop was the Chakaltun Rocks. There, we had the opportunity to snorkel and enjoy the wide variety of fish that inhabit those crystal-clear waters. The sea was so clear that we could  see schools of fish and the occasional crab swimming at a close distance from us.


At that moment, I felt incredibly fortunate to witness such biodiversity; I was deeply grateful for the opportunity to be part of one of the many unforgettable experiences that Yucatán offers, where colors become more vibrant and life becomes more beautiful.



Punta Arena

We concluded our session with the fish, leaving the sea behind and venturing into the tranquility of Punta Arena, our next destination. If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, where serenity reigns and calm waters invite you to stay, Punta Arena is the perfect place for you. After a photo session on the picturesque swings, we boarded the boat again and headed to Xbuya Há, our penultimate destination.



Xbuya Há

Xbuya Há is a freshwater spring located in the sea, a very surreal concept for me… until I saw it in person. This spring releases over 3,000 liters of water per minute, and according to Tico, it connects with several cenotes in Yucatán, representing an escape valve and an invaluable treasure of nature.


2304 Dzilam de Bravo, Tico's Tours Elepetén Cenote by MKCTCenote Elepetén

Our adventure came to an end with a visit to the majestic Cenote Elepetén, whose dazzling beauty is impossible to fully capture in a simple photograph. The best way to experience it is by absorbing every detail with your eyes and fully enjoying every minute you spend in this natural wonder. A piece of advice: to reach the cenote, you have to walk along a long dock; take care of your feet and wear shoes.


After a successful fishing journey and an exciting day of exploration along the coast, our stomachs craved something delicious to conclude our tour. That’s when Tico surprised us with a mouthwatering tray of ceviche prepared with the fruits of our morning catch. I must say it’s one of the most delicious ceviches I’ve ever tasted. The panoramic view of the ocean and the beautiful sky as a backdrop completed this memorable experience.


If you’re left wanting to go (or in my case, to return) soon, Tico’s Tours offers a wide variety of experiences beyond this one. If fishing is your passion, don’t miss the opportunity to explore all the fishing options Tico has for you. He also offers camping tours in Las Bocas, perfect for enjoying with family or friends. And if you want to live a truly unique experience, Tico offers night tours where you can witness the incredible phenomenon of bioluminescence that occurs in Dzilam de Bravo. All of these tours are also offered in English.


2304 Dzilam de Bravo Tico's Tours Elepetén Cenote by MKCTI guess I can say it was my lucky day, as I had the fortune of visiting such a beautiful place and enjoying its treasures with great company. My mom was right, “The early bird gets the worm.”



Tico’s Tours
Calle 9 x 2 y 4, Dzilam de Bravo
[email protected]
Cel. 999 743 6914
IG: @ticostours
FB: Tico’s Tours



Package 1: Includes a visit to Cenote Elepetén and Xbuya Há freshwater spring.
$1,500 pesos per boat.

Package 2: Includes a visit to Punta Arena, snorkeling at the Chakaltun Rocks, a visit to Xbuya Há freshwater spring, and Cenote Elepetén.
$1,800 pesos per boat.

Package 3: In addition to what is included in package 2, you can also enjoy trolling fishing, and savor a delicious Ceviche.
$2,200 pesos per boat.

Package 4: This package includes an extensive visit to Las Bocas, as well as exploring Punta Arena, the Chakaltun Rocks, engaging in trolling fishing and estuary fishing. Ceviche is also included.
$3,200 pesos per boat.

Package 5: This package focuses on recreational fishing, and the price depends on the distance of the fishing trip. It’s important to note that a maximum of 5 people per boat is allowed.


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Bioluminescence Tour

These tours are held on specific dates when the moon is not visible. For more information, visit Tico’s Tours.
Schedule: 8:30 – 11:30 pm.
$2000 pesos per boat (maximum of 7 people).


Lodging Services

Tico’s Tours has inns with amenities such as internet, air conditioning, televisions with Netflix, 2 beds per room, and hot water. Lodging also includes entry to a beach club located 4km from Dzilam de Bravo. It features a swimming pool, palapas, and beach access.
Bookings at: 991 116 2027
Check-out time: 12 – 1 pm.
$1200 pesos per room (maximum of 5 people).


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Photography by Alicia Navarrete, MKCT, and Sara Alba for use in Yucatán Today.

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