Soho CubaNovember 2010 to February 2011.

As it enters its third year, Soho Galleries continues to scout the globe for investment-quality art, and its upcoming show, Distant Shores – Art from Around the Globe, promises to be the most diverse in its history. Featured in the show will be art from Spain, France, Cuba, and the US, as well as works by local artists.

Ironically, one of the highlights of the show will be works by a young (b. 1983) local artist, Jorge Espinosa Torre, whose paintings show a maturity well beyond his years. Currently touring Portugal and the US, Torre’s works are sure to appreciate in value as he hits his stride. He has already participated in 25 collective shows and nine individual shows, and with over 20 pieces in his portfolio, Torre’s future is all but guaranteed.

Also featured in the show is work by Sergio Lastres, originally from Cuba but now living in the US. His powerful series, Aqua, symbolizes his escape from Cuba by boat to the US. His use of symbolism is a subtle yet powerful expression of his experiences: the papaya signifies woman, the seeds of new birth; boxes and pedestals in the water signify isolation — the separation, nostalgia, the distance of the crossing.

Additional works are by Cuban artist Niury Rivera Machado, who paints about the need for God in her homeland, showing religious icons exiting Cuba; Ismary Gonzales (also from Cuba), Jose Emilio (Cuba), Ricardo Ponce (Cuban now living in France), Victor Velázquez Mirabal (Cuba), Samuel Barrera (Yucatán), Miguel Angel Salvo (Cuban now living in Spain), Victor Velasquez, who paints whimsical characters, and Ricardo Ponce, who creates non-political Picasso-esque works.

The show commences Friday, November 12 at 7 pm, and runs through February 2011.

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