When it was first built, in 1640, Hacienda Santa Cruz was a Franciscan monastery. Through time it evolved into a ranch, and during the glorious period of the “Green Gold” in Yucatán, it was transformed into a henequén hacienda. Recently restored and converted into a luxury hotel, it has keept the antique atmosphere, full of history and tradition.


Hacienda Santa Cruz is part of the catalogue of haciendas protected by INAH (National Institution of Anthropology and History), a piece of cultural heritage of the state of Yucatán. It is now a beautiful hotel, with its own character and personality.


Set on five hectares of land, Hacienda Santa Cruz offers spacious and beautiful gardens, 25 rooms and suites, each one with details that makes it unique. The hacienda also offers excellent facilities for social and corporate events. Also worth mentioning is the traditional Mexican and Yucatecan gastronomy that is featured at the restaurant Valentina. You can’t miss the huge artificial cenote, as well as the swimming pools, that will offer you some relaxing moments in contact with nature.


Hacienda Santa Cruz maintains its original building distribution, where you can still see the old monastery, the machine house, and the lovely chapel. Discovering its architecture is like traveling through time to the México of our roots.


Muyal Spa, unique in its kind, has a 1000 m extension, distributed in a Wellness Center complex. You will find a variety of professional treatments including therapies, natural and traditional holistic techniques, and top cosmetology treatments. Muyal Spa offers an ideal space for relaxation such as a hydro massage area unique in Yucatán, with private cabins for individual or couple massages, and local and traditional treatments based on a concept of wellness and comfort.


So now you know! If you want to spend some time surrounded by nature, relaxing in a historic setting, this is the place to go!



Hacienda Santa Cruz
Calle 86 s/n, salida 2 Dzununcán, Santa Cruz Palomeque
Tels. (999) 254 0541 / (999) 911 9233
FB: Hacienda Santa Cruz

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