Did you ever imagine having a cenote – or more than one – all to yourself for you and your friends? Or swim in a cenote in total darkness? To these questions and many more, you will be able to answer “yes” at Los 7 Cenotes, located only one hour from Mérida.

The journey begins when you follow a path surrounded by green vegetation, followed by a warm welcome from the 7 Cenotes team, who will explain all the security measures you must follow.

Now! To begin the day, take one of the bicycles that they offer you, and start pedaling! The first stop is the cenote “Péepen Chóoj” (Blue Butterfly); the sunlight reflection makes the water a lovely turquoise color. If you ask me about the difficulty of getting in to this cenote, the answer is: none, it has a staircase that is super easy to descend and a floating platform from where you can enter the water with no problem.

We suggest that you pay no attention to tiredness. Go in to all the cenotes that you can and enjoy the day!

Let’s continue the journey and head to cenote “Truck;” its name comes from the old “stairs,” that they used to use to descend into the cenote. This is a semi-closed cenote and you must go down into the cave where it is located. This “staircase” was from the “truck” rails (car that moved along train tracks to transport henequén during the production process). You can still see these tracks today, but don’t worry, you don’t have to use them! (unless you are the Indiana Jones type). Now you can enter on the handcrafted spiral staircase that is just waiting to be photographed. When you go in to the water, make sure to enter the little cave, it’s a fantastic feeling.

Now we continue walking toward the open cenote “Arcoiris” (rainbow); to reach it you must climb down some rocks, so we suggest that you wear shoes that don’t slip. An experience that you’ll never forget.

The last activity is the visit to cenote “Suhuy” (virgin. I will not tell you about it, so that when you go you will enjoy and experience it for the first time. You can visit the other three cenotes if you are into extreme sports.

After all this going up and down, it’s time for a well-deserved lunch with the house specialties. As the perfect ending to your day, walk to the ceiba tree and listen to the stories that your guides have prepared for you.

Enjoy your trip to Los 7 Cenotes, and remember to share your experience with us! #SeeItInYucatanToday

Los 7 Cenotes de San Gerónimo
Cover photo: Thomas Duprat

By Natalia Bejarano Calero

– Peninsula of Yucatán   

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