Now you have bought your Yucatecan home and renovated it, or built it from the ground up. You have shopped for antique or new furniture. Now it’s time to decorate! What fun!

Shopping for home decor in Mérida will bring a delight to the senses. There is an incredible array of objects which can be chosen for your home. Some of the things that are unique to the Yucatán include artwork, sculpture, clay replicas of Maya gods, henequen baskets, wood carvings of Maya gods, paintings by Yucatecan artists, and Ticul pottery.

Things from other areas of Mexico that can be found here include serapes, hand woven bedspreads, folk art, masks, Day of the Dead curios, Talavera ceramics, Oaxaca black pottery, miniatures, pewter, Frida Kahlo images, paintings, sculpture, and Mexican blown glass to name a few.

There are many places to shop, from specialty stores to markets to art galleries. Two hotels which have special gift stores are Hotel Mediomundo, with art from Michoacan, Guanajuato, and Guatemala; and Hotel Casa San Angel with its Mexican art store 100% Mexico.

Art galleries offer a way to own original art. Nahualli Casa de los Artistas has paintings and sculptures created in their original space and gallery. Soho Galleries is a contemporary art gallery in Merida Centro. Find art from a vast range of global talent.

Restaurants and cafés often display original art which is for sale.

Where to shop:

Agustín Art (Original art)
Tel. (999) 927 3383

Tel. (999) 252 3736

Carmen Victoria (Gallery and framing)
Tel. (999) 927 7151

Casa de Artesanías Mercado (Handcrafts)
Tel. (999) 928 1195

Casa de las Artesanías (Handcrafts)
Tel. (999) 920 7334

El Estudio (Mexican folk art)
Cel. 9992 39 04 01

Galería Mérida (Original art)
Tel. (999) 924 0117

Habitua Design (Custom interiors)
Cel. 9994 86 06 21

House – Furniture and Art (Original furniture)
Cel. 9992 24 60 39

Hecho a Mano, Izamal (Folk art and photography)
Tel. (988) 954 0344

Hotel MedioMundo Gift Shop (Artisan crafts)
Tel. (999) 924 5472

Juan Pablo Mier y Terán, Progreso (Original art)
Cel. 9991 29 80 73

Katrin Schikora (Original art and Ceramic)
Tel. (999) 921 5127
Cel. 9999 95 37 69

Nahualli Casa de los Artistas (Original art)
Tel. (999) 928 6566

Plaza Americana (Handcrafts)
(Lower Level Hotel Fiesta Americana)

Soho Galleries (Original art)
Tel. (999) 928 5710

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