It’s such a common phenomena here in Yucatán: you wake up one morning, the sun is shining, the sky is that deep tropical blue and the clouds are so white and puffy, you think they must be fake. It’s a perfect day to go somewhere! A day for adventure, for exploration, a day to do something new!

And then you wonder, well, what exactly? Where should we go? Here in Yucatán, there is SO much to choose from.

Dzibilchaltun templo de las siete munecasAnd here at Yucatan Today, we are going to do our part to make your decision easier. Periodically we will publish some intrepid traveler’s experience of a day trip. Everything in the story can be done in a day, if you have a car, a little bit of money, an adventurous spirit, and of course, water and sunscreen.

Tecoh Caves & Dizbilchaltun 
Day Trip
Start the day by going underground and getting dirty, and end the day swimming in a cenote. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Maya Alps
 Side Trip
Here’s a little side trip that you might consider taking on your way to or from Uxmal.

Ruta Puuc 
Day Trip
An interesting tour that gives you an overview of the Maya civilization awaits you just 50 miles south of Mérida.

Oxkintok Ruins & Calcehtok Caves 
Head for the hills, the Puuc Hills, that is. Visit an obscure ruin and then go below for a visit to what is thought to be the largest cave in the Yucatán.

Cenote en Cuzamá

Cenote en Cuzamá

Day Trip
Nearly every tourist guide suggests a visit to this bird sanctuary and nature reserve. Follow one reader’s recent experience in the land of pink flamingos.

Cenotes of Cuzama
 Day Trip
It can get pretty hot here in Yucatán. When it’s just one of those days, nothing says relief and refreshment like three cenotes in a row!

Campeche & Edzna
 Day Trip
Ever wonder what that big city to the west is like? Guest writer Reg McGhee reports.

Share your trip
Have you been on a day trip that you’d like to share with the rest of us? Please send in your account of the day and we will evaluate it for inclusion in the website. Please include at least general directions and estimates of time and cost when possible. Send your submission to [email protected]. 
Thank you!


– Península of Yucatán
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