muna-alpesSay what? The Yucatán Alps or the Mayan Alps… well, maybe not the Alps, but when you consider how flat the Yucatán is, it is quite surprising when you leave Muna on your way to Uxmal and start climbing a windy mountainous road!

When you get to the top, you will find the most amazing panoramic view! Look one way and you can see the valley that leads to the pyramids of Uxmal several miles away; look the other way and you see the quaint village of Muna just below.

Located in the Puuc region (puuc meaning hilly), this cute settlement of thatched roof Mayan houses, cactus gardens and stone statues is located on an amphitheater-shaped piece of land right at the top of the hill. 

Casa Roja is a relatively new place that is a combination handcraft shop, natural fruit juice bar, botanical/cactus garden, Mayan spiritual area and one room hotel. The unique handcrafts Pedro Ayuso offers include gourds that he has wood burned (some of which he has turned into lamps), large and small cedar carvings and stone carvings of Mayan gods, stone jewelry and some leather wall hangings. At the juice bar, chaya (Yucatecan spinach) and natural, fresh fruit drinks are offered. These are so very refreshing when you are hot and in need of some hydration!

The one room that is available to stay overnight is on the second floor. It is brand new with a double bed, ceiling fan, refrigerator, TV, stereo system, huge bathroom with bathtub and view to die for.  Tel: 01 (997) 101 8938.

This is a place you must stop at least … to take pictures, stroll around, have a juice, see the cacti, and see an unusual Yucatecan view.

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