G candila 2Its origin is not very clear, but its image is impeccable: this shirt with pleats and buttons has survived the passing of time, becoming one of the most favored garments worn by Latin gentlemen today, and its popularity extends to Europe, Asia, and Arabia.

White, unlike any other garment, the guayabera is the preferred shirt for those who know how to dress elegantly and like to be comfortable.

History tells us that this famous garment was first created in the 18th Century, in the Caribbean region, where the climate can be suffocatingly hot; it was necessary to wear something which had large pockets to carry tabacco, as well as some type of fruit which would refresh the breath, like the guayaba (possibly the origin of its name).

The guayabera has become the representative garment of Latin American fashion. From Mexico to the Dominican Republic, Panama, Puerto Rico, or the Philippines, the guayabera is part of popular culture, and therein lies the confusion about its origin.

And now to Yucatán. Around the end of the year 1800, it was considered the definitive garment of upper-class Yucatecans, for they would purchase it on their frequent trips to Cuba.

The Yucatecan guayabera enjoys well-deserved world fame, for Yucatán has been one of its main promoters, perfecting and redesigning it. You will often see it at daytime parties and events, during the hot season, but it has also become an ideal garment for daily wear, to the office or on any outing.

The guayabera is so representative of the Mexican culture that March 21 has been declared Día de la Guayabera, on the same day as the beginning of spring, the season of the year which is ideal for a change of wardrobe.

Nowadays, fashion has introduced a variety of colors and innovative designs, adding beauty and a more modern, avant-garde character to the garment.

For its unequalled elegance and great comfort, the guayabera is the garment that should never be missing from any masculine wardrobe.

Article and photos from G. Candila Guayaberas



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