David S. Mayoral Bonilla

Yucatán found me; that is the reality. Coming from Puebla in 2016, at the age of 18 I learned here literature and art, the maritime sun – so different from the mountain sun -, and the sweetest and brownest love. In Mérida, I formed my deepest friendships and healed my last sorrows. I have slept here the sleep of the restless: wanting to know everything, knowing that this is gratifyingly impossible.


I studied Modern Language and Literature; then, contemporary art. Later, I left the books to keep the ink of the newspapers between my fingers. I met Yucatán as an artist, activist, defender of itself, and I wanted to write about it. I soon realized that this place is alive and speaks the language of mysteries.


At the age of 23, I belong to a place that does not wait for me, but that calls me to expect the unusual. My wish is that people who visit this peninsula of legacies learn from its magic, in its most human sense.


My editorials:

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