“An incredible experience,” “Cool activity to enjoy as a family!”, “Exceptional fun after a day’s work,”… these are some of the comments on TripAdvisor from people who have already experienced this entertainment phenomenon inside the escape rooms of Cryptorama.

Escape rooms are an innovative and entertaining concept that puts to the test your abilities to infer, to reason, to follow numeric or verbal clues, and solve the mystery inside a closed room within a given time, usually 60 minutes, in order to be able to get out of the room. It’s addictive, thrilling, and ideal as entertainment or to integrate co-workers, and appeals to all age groups. This phenomenon is gaining momentum in several countries like Spain and the US. In Mérida, Cryptorama is one of the pioneers in offering this type of experience.

Do you want to put your detective and explorer skills to the test, and have fun at the same time with your friends, co-workers or family? Cryptorama is the place to go for a fun, unique experience in Mérida: escape rooms. Imagine being in a closed themed room, where you find, one by one, all the clues to solve the mystery which allows you to get out in less than 60 minutes. An exciting challenge!

Cryptorama has two themes: solve a Sherlock Holmes’ style murder in the Baker Street Mystery room, or find the treasure on the pirate ship, in Pirate Cove. The experience begins as soon as you walk through the door, and the countdown begins. Inside, the decor, the music, the clues, everything will guide you through an hour full of adrenaline and fun. For one hour, Caro, Aldo and I were feeling like we were in Sherlock Holmes’ shoes: we thought, we laughed, discovered new abilities, we got excited, and we even got out wanting to do another room. And yes, it is possible to solve the mystery before the 60 minutes are up!

The experience was amazing. Determined to solve the murder before the record time (45 minutes), we deciphered the clues one by one. I must confess that for some of them we asked for help; you can decide to ask your host to send you additional clues onscreen (in the form of riddles) where you can also see how much time you have left. We didn’t break the record (we finished at the 56-minute mark) but the satisfaction of hanging out without distractions, engaging with each other, using skills that we forgot we had, laughing a lot, and getting out early, left us renewed and discussing the experience for a long time afterwards.

Do you want to play? Get your team together, at least two to three people, choose the room, reserve online, via Facebook or telephone to make sure they have rooms available, get there 10 minutes early, and get ready to solve the mystery and have fun. Suitable for friends, as an integration tool for co-workers, and for families (age 12 and up). Or if you want to take full advantage of your visit, and you have free time after a day out or a business working day, Cryptorama is your best option. Air-conditioned, with lockers, parking, and a strategic location a few blocks from the Paseo de Montejo hotel zone and the Centro Histórico. Ready? You have 59 minutes left…


Calle 60 x 39, Centro
Tuesday to Sunday 11 am – 8 pm, prior reservation
Price per person $250 pesos, maximum 6 people per room
Payment with credit card, cash, and convenience store deposits accepted
Facebook: Cryptorama


Editorial by Violeta H. Cantarell
Photos by Cryptorama for Yucatán Today’s use

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