I think we can all agree that going shopping should be, if done properly, pretty fun. Visiting a shop with an open mind not knowing what to expect allows us to be surprised and maybe charmed to the point of bringing something amazing back home with us.

If you’re ready to take your shopping to the next level, and more carefully select some key products while shopping in Mérida, take a tour of its hottest concept stores and houses. These establishments offer more than an array of products ready to grab your attention. They also make shopping a multisensory experience. Have a cup of coffee, read a good book, and get to know non-commercial design. Get your wallets ready!



Casa T’hō


In the emblematic Paseo de Montejo, you’ll find Casa T’hō – definitely a space to wander around for hours with a latte from Onza Café in hand. Dawdle around its 9 elegant boutiques, and feel the breeze sitting back in the terrace.

Paseo de Montejo #498, Zona Paseo de Montejo, Centro
Mon. – Sun. 10 am – 10 pm
IG: @casatho.concepthouse



Paloma van den Akker

You’ll find products designed with traditional techniques, natural fibers, and local wood, produced in the rural communities of Yucatán – hats, garments, and creations for your home such as cushions and flower pots. You’ll also get to meet Mario, the expert artisan that will help you personalize your sandals in less than an hour.

Paseo de Montejo #498A, Zona Paseo de Montejo, Centro
Mon. 3 – 8 pm, Tues. – Sat. 11 am – 8 pm
IG: palomavandenakker




Vagantes is a cabinet of curiosities – a collection of treasures gathered throughout the world. Find clothing and accessories and join their free and loose lifestyle. You can also stay at their Airbnb, Casa Vagantes, on Calle 37.

Calle 55 x 62, Centro
Mon. – Sun. 12 pm – 8 pm.
IG: @somos_vagantes



Plaza Carmesí Vivo Mercante

Right next to Parque de Santa Lucía a new concept house is born, Plaza Carmesí Vivo Mercante – a space to share ideas while you sip on coffee and immerse yourself in a book. It’s home to Básica Sociedad (a store with products by Mexican designers), Between the Lines (a bookstore and stationery boutique), Miel Nativa (a shop that collaborates with local melipona honey producers), Uumbah Arte Mexicano (Yucatecan hammocks and authentic Mexican products), and Voltacafé Santa Lucía (a fantastic restaurant).

Calle 62 #450 x 53, Centro
Sun. – Thurs. 7 am – 10 pm, Fri. – Sat. 7 – 2 am.
IG: @plazacarmesi



Kukul Boutik

Have lunch at parque Santa de Lucía and make a stop at Kukul Boutik, Mexican folk art and contemporary design center. Its name derives from two words in Maya – Kukul, a sacred bird that symbolizes freedom, and Ik, which represents culture and art.

Calle 55 #513, Parque Santa Lucia, Centro
Mon. – Sun. 11 am – 9 pm.
IG: @kukulboutik   



Editorial by Greta Garrett
Photography by various sources for their use in Yucatán Today

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