Chiles en Nogada are served in Mérida from mid-August to mid-October, with September being the month par excellence. And this is the list of places to find them this 2023.


A recipe more than 200 years old… the story goes that to celebrate the independence of México from Spain, and the saint of one of the key personalities of this event (August 28, Saint Augustine), the Augustine nuns from the Santa Mónica convent in Puebla decided to create a dish with the colors of the “Trigarante” army to present to Agustín de Iturbide.


The army flag colors were green, white and red, which were captured with products of the season, including chiles and parsley, nogada (walnut sauce), and pomegranate. The dish consists of a chile poblano stuffed with minced pork and beef, with seasonal fruits, tomato, onions, almonds, nuts, pine nuts, etc. and covered with a sauce of walnuts, sherry and cheese; and topped off with pomegranate seeds and parsley. Get your appetite ready to enjoy this delicious dish!


Where to eat Chiles en Nogada in Mérida


Casa de Piedra at Hacienda Xcanatun

Chile en Nogada en Hacienda Xcanatun

From the middle of August to the end of September, Hacienda Xcanatún will offer their traditional “Chiles en Nogada” made with the original recipe of the nuns of Santa Mónica, with their special touch…one of which is that they bring the walnuts from México City to guarantee the delicious flavor of the “nogada sauce.”

From August 15 to September 24
1 pm – 10:30 pm

Hacienda Xcanatún
Km. 12 Mérida – Progreso
Tel. 999 941 0213
FB: Hacienda Xcanatún
Mon. – Sun. 8 am – 11 pm


Micaela Mar y Leña

Micaela embodies a genuine passion for hospitality, crafting each dish to stir the soul, and transforming attentive service into unforgettable smiles and unique experiences

This year, they will be offering three styles to choose from: Traditional, vegan, and with seafood.

Price: $375 pesos, includes one beer, bottled soda, or natural water.

Calle 47 x 52, Centro, Mérida
Tel. 999 518 1702
FB: Micaela Mar y Leña
Mon. – Sun. 1 pm – 10 pm


El Apapacho

During the month of September, come try their patriotic menu that will include “Chiles en Nogada,” with both the traditional recipe and also a vegetarian version; yes, you read it correctly, instead of meat they will have minced soy, an excellent option for vegetarians. Ask about the other specialties they will have during the independence festivities.

Calle 62 #354 x 41 y 43,
Tel. 999 923 1385
FB El Apapacho “Comida nada gourmet y Arte”
Wednesday to Sunday 8 am – 10 pm



At this contemporary Mexican restaurant, you’ll enjoy fantastic drinks and ambiance. Also, during the entire month of September, you can try classic Chiles en Nogada – a staple of this month’s celebrations. They use all the original ingredients from this recipe: candied cactus, almonds, brandy, poblano chiles, beef filet, pomegranate seeds, pork loin, apples, walnuts, pine nuts, plantains, goat cheese, and more. Delicious!

Calle 47 #463B x 54 y 52, Centro
Tel. 999 518 1725
FB: Catrín
Mon. – Wed. 1 pm – 12 am
Thu. – Sat. 1 pm – 2 am


La Recova

During the month of Fiestas Patrias you’ll want to try the special Chiles en Nogada recipes at La Recova, available throughout September. Sample different versions of this famous dish that feature poblano chiles stuffed with ground meat and fruit, bathed in a special walnut sauce, and crowned with fresh pomegranate. Without a doubt, a very Mexican dish!

Tel. 999 944 1891
FB: La Recova Mérida – Steak House & Seafood
Monday to Sunday 1 pm – 2 am


Chile en nogada en Matilda Salón Mexicano by atnavarreteMatilda Salón Mexicano

In the center of Mérida, you will find Matilda Salón Mexicano. As soon as you cross the threshold, you will feel embraced by México; with dishes that come from different parts of the country, Matilda Salón Mexicano is a great choice to try something new, and their Chiles en Nogada are no exception. The restaurant will feature this dish throughout September, and you can enjoy it with the “Granada Elite” cocktail.

Calle 63, #516 x 62 y 64, Centro
Tel. 999 921 1452
IG: matildasalonmx
FB:Matilda Salón Mexicano
Sun.- Mon. 8 am – 9 pm
Tue. – Thu. 8 am – 10 pm
Fri. – Sat. 8 am – 11 pm



This posh Mexican restaurant has a special menu during September that includes exquisite, upscale versions of some of this season’s most iconic dishes, and of course this includes Chiles en Nogada! Visit them from July 1st to September 30 at The Harbor and pamper yourself with a celebratory Independence Day feast.

The Harbor Lifestyle Mall
Tel. 999 921 8301
FB: Porfirios Merida Restaurante
Mon. – Sat. 1 pm – 2 am
Sunday 1 pm – 12 am


Fiesta Americana

A classic to satisfy all tastes. The season of this Mexican culinary must-try is here, and we invite you to savor it in our restaurant. Reservations: 999 942 111

FB: Fiesta Americana Merida





Chile en Nogada en Costco

If you’re more the practical type and prefer things to be ready for you to enjoy, Costco if the perfect place for you. At the takeout area, you’ll find a package with three Chiles en Nogada which are ready for you to warm up in the oven and enjoy with your family. This dish is available during August and September and the price will make you smile, too. Remember that you need to be a member in order to shop at the store, but you can use your membership from abroad if you have one. Celebrate México’s independence at Costco!

Costco Mérida
Prolongación Montejo, Cordemex
Monday to Saturday  10 am – 8:30 pm
Sunday 10 am – 8 pm



Chiles en Nogada are featured on the Sanborns menu during the whole “Mes Patrio” (September), but you should check their social media to ensure the availability of the Chiles by location. You will find this dish under their monthly specials, and it will include some yummy extras such as a beverage, dessert, and coffee, among other things. Of course this dish would have to be available at this traditional Mexican restaurant! Make sure to stop in before they run out!

Gran Plaza, Plaza Altabrisa
Tel. 999 941 8214
FB: Sanborns (Mérida) 
Monday to Sunday  12 pm – 7 pm


Salon Gallos

Calle 63 x 52 y 50, Centro
Tel. 999 189 6564
FB: SALÓN GALLOS – Mérida Yucatán
Mon. – Tue. 6 pm – 2 am
Wed. – Sun. 1 pm – 2 am


La Cockte

Plaza Piré (in front of Hospital Faro)
Franciso de Montejo
Altabrisa (behind the mall)
Tel. 999 980 3405
FB: La Cockte
Mon. Tue. and Sun. 12 pm – 10 pm
Wednesday 12 pm – 12 am
Thu. – Sat. 12 pm – 3 pm


Pettite Julieta

Tel. 999 469 6683
FB: Petite Julieta
Monday to Sunday 8 am – 4 pm


Delishop Delicatessen (to order)

If you want to continue savoring Chiles en Nogada in the comfort of your own home (honestly, who doesn’t), you can order them for pickup from Delishop where they will hand them to you ready to eat. They use top-notch ingredients to make this special a must-try of the season: beef filet, white wine, pine nuts, apples, peaches, candied cactus, slivered almonds, and the classic nogada sauce made of pecans. If you love this dish, you have to try them.
Order of 4 chiles: $ 500 pesos
Order of 2 chiles: $250 pesos

Avenida La Ceiba, Fracc. Club de Golf La Ceiba
Tel. 999 518 5705
Whatsapp: 999 968 5258
FB: Delishop Delicatessen
Monday to Saturday 12 pm – 8 pm
Sunday 11:30 am – 4 pm


Sweet & Salty Catering (to order)

Calle 13-A # 41 Fracc Prado Norte, Mérida, México
Tel. 999 955 0860
FB: Sweet & Salty Catering
Monday to Friday 9 pm – 8 pm
Saturday 9 am – 3 pm


Potzollcalli Mérida

Calle 42 #565, Los Pinos. Macroplaza Local 6
Tel. 999 160 5452 and 999 477 6274

Prolongación Montejo
Calle 30 #87 x Calle 17, Prol. Paseo Montejo.
Tel. 999 479 0942 and 999 135 2211
FB: Potzollcalli Mérida
Mon. – Sun. 9 am – 10 pm


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