ProHispen, one of the most important cultural centers to house the written and printed memories of Yucatán, just celebrated 28 years of life this past November. They’re on track to turn 30 with no mid-life crisis—their memory is enviable, as it stores records of our Peninsula going as far back as, believe it or not, the 18th century.


And that’s not all. After having revealed more than 50 commemorative plaques devoted to an equal number of illustrious Yucatecans, acknowledged the success of 20 plus local family businesses that endured for more than 100 years, awarded 22 poets and seven local playwrights, sponsored at least 65 musical programs, honored five icons of the humanities, and held artistic exhibitions, numerous courses, workshops, seminars, theater works, cultural excursions, recitals and book openings, this sanctuary, located in Colonia México, continues to open its doors to knowledgeable, curious, and adventurous people. 


Their library, the Yucatecan General Library “Margarita Díaz Rubio” houses more than 1,700 volumes. Another service offered by the non-profit association, Patronato Pro Historia Peninsular de Yucatán, is the preventative conservation and restoration of printed material. If it has ink, ProHispen will find its historic value for Yucatán life and history. Proof of this is the immensely important heritage of the Historical Archive “Jorge Ignacio Rubio Mañé.” Here you will find historical documents from university professors, city and municipal chroniclers, pioneering functionaries, writers, and journalists. 



Unravel the White City’s past by accessing the 18th-century archives of the Hacienda Chenché de las Torres, the Ritter and Bock Hardware Store (19th century), or the Ceverceria Yucateca (20th century,) three places that left distinct evidence of the crossroads of nations, customs, power, and languages. You can also see the impressive map collection housed at ProHispen with maps and printed plans of the state and peninsula of Yucatán. 


During the month of February, a third lecture cycle on “Women in our History” will begin. Just as the two previous cycles did, this one looks to vindicate the life and works of four brave Yucatecan women: Pilar Ponce, Josefina Espinosa, Consuelo Zavala, and Rosa Torre.


In March, when the International Women’s Day is observed, a commemorative plaque for artist Carmela Duarte García will be unveiled. ProHispen will also be present at the Yucatán International Reading Fair (FILEY), with the presentation of a website on the life and works of the writer José Díaz Bolio, after whom the Poetry of the Peninsula Award promoted by the foundation is named.


The ProHispen cultural center survives thanks to the generosity of the local society. They receive monthly payments from committed sponsors who believe in their mission: to preserve, disseminate, and protect our history. For those who wish to help support this project, you can help this center with donations starting at $1,000 pesos per year. 



This is just a small glimpse of the legacy of legacies that ProHispen protects within and outside of its walls. Learn more by getting in touch with them by phone or email, and stay up-to-date on their events by checking out and following their pages on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram (@ProHispen).


Centro Cultural ProHispen
Calle 19 #94 x 18 y 20, Col. México
Tel. 999 944 6424
[email protected]
IG y FB: ProHispen
Mon. – Fri. 9 am – 2 pm



By Dave S. Mayoral
Dave Mayoral (1998) thinks it’s difficult to write in the third person without laughing in the attempt, but his background in Modern Language and Literature, Contemporary Art History, and Cultural Management tends to help him a lot…


Photography by ProHispen for its use in Yucatán Today.

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