“Of yellow corn and white corn they made their flesh; 
from corn dough they made the arms and legs of man. 
Only corn dough went into the flesh of our fathers, 
the four men who were created.”


Excerpt from the sacred book of the Maya, Popol Vuh.


Corn has been the nutritional base of the Yucatecan population for millennia. Its strength and presence through the centuries, going from one generation to the next, give it a privileged place in the cosmovision and the creation myth of the Maya people. According to the Popol Vuh, all human beings are “children of corn.” Today, Mérida – UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy – celebrates its roots through the Pueblos del Maíz 2022 festival.


Mérida joins this celebration to promote the work carried out by this ingredient’s producers, cooks, and promoters; they all aim to highlight its value in our culture, as well as to strengthen the ties that it gives us to other peoples. 



During May, and in many restaurants in Mérida, you’ll be able to enjoy this local product. You’ll be able to taste delicious dishes made by local chefs, accompanied by a commemorative beer, which has been brewed with an original recipe made collaboratively by the festival’s four participating cities. 


On May 13 and 14, the Ermita and Barrio de San Sebastián will host an experience that narrates the meaning of corn for Yucatecans. You’ll delight in a sample of street food, artistic performances, outdoor exhibits, and activities that will let those in attendance recognize, learn, and experience our traditions.


Pueblos del Maíz 2022 is an event organized by and for the host cities, for those who visit and live in them. Together, we’ll build the celebration around this ancient ingredient. 


Go to www.visitmerida.mx and find out about the activities and the schedule of cultural events that this festival has for you!



By Ayuntamiento de Mérida




Photography by Visit Merida Mx and Kool Kaab for its use in Yucatán Today.

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