What began as a spontaneous celebration a few years ago is today the favorite mezcal house among locals and visitors in Mérida, as well as a place where great friendships bloom. It was in the summer of 2012 when La Fundación Mezcalería began as a new proposal for culinary and cultural experiences, such as mezcal tasting and pairing. This June, La Fundación Mezcalería is celebrating its 10th anniversary. 


“For me, mezcal is México’s wine,” shares Erik, one of the founding partners and also a mezcal exporter. He has seen how people’s knowledge of this ancient, artisanal liquor has evolved: “It is now cool to drink mezcal, but if its demand has grown, it’s been because people have made an effort to share its benefits and idiosyncrasy.” Today, their catalog of distillates includes more than 40 labels and about 12 species of mezcal magueys. It is still very intimate, as “La Mezca” works closely with producers. 


Among their original mixology, you’ll find more than 10 cocktails made with seasonal fruits. If you want to try some, Limonada Eléctrica (electric lemonade), Mango con Chamoy, and the Donají won’t disappoint. Additionally, group Chokran’s chef, Manuel Garnica, has truly elevated La Fundación Mezcalería’s culinary concept by using fresh ingredients. Its new menu includes aromas and spices that will surprise your palate and highlight the notes of every mezcal. 



For a richer ambiance, La Mezca adds its very own musical flavor. Throughout the years, it has become a center stage for different bands, whose performances have been touched by master arranger Ricardo Ragues. The repertoire includes pieces from all musical genres and is distinguished by its multiculturalism. They also have live music and DJ performances almost every week. La Mezca is also an incubator for new visual artists, as they’ve hosted exhibitions of emerging artists. 


La Fundación MezcaleríaYou really shouldn’t miss out on their anniversary celebrations, which will take place from June 27 to July 3. Their brand-new building – with an improved bar and dance floor – will be home to original events, such as the official introduction of La Mezkabanda and the launch of a collaborative beverage created by artisanal brewery Ceiba and La Mezca. Do not hesitate to attend and experience a venue that has become an icon and a synonym for liveliness in the Yucatán capital.


Calle 59 x 60 y 62, Centro
IG & FB: La Fundación Mezcalería



By Juan Pablo González Negrete
Communicologist by profession and marketing amateur. I was born in white Mérida and I love to enjoy the pleasures of life…A bon vivant!



Photography by La Fundación Mezcalería for use in Yucatán Today.

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