Cassie Pearse

I’m a Mérida based, but British born, freelance writer and blogger. I’ve lived and explored all over the world before deciding that Merida was the perfect place to raise my young children (plus husband, mustn’t forget the husband!).


I adore Mexico and sometimes have to pinch myself to remind myself that I really do live here. There’s little I love more than grabbing my family or a group of friends and telling them that we’re going on an adventure whether they like it or not! (Kidding, of course, they like it. Who wouldn’t want to throw themselves into learning about Mexican culture, history, cuisine, and nature with me?)


In previous roles, I have worked with women and children across Africa, the former Soviet Union, and the UK.


I can generally be found checking out exciting kid-friendly places (and ice cream shops) across Yucatán. The perfect day out for me and my family would include exploring an archaeological site followed by a swim in a cenote.


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Cassie shares with us her adventures in Yucatán with kids:

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