“We want it to showcase the world of contemporary Mexican fashion and design,” explains Jimena Rosado Vega, founding partner of Casa T’HŌ. Along with Connie Estrada and Julian Malleville, she established this concept house that seeks to inspire the creation of new spaces that revitalize our iconic and beloved Paseo de Montejo.


The slogan “Orgullosamente Mexicano” (Proudly Mexican) is felt in every inch of this white Casona, located just a few steps from the Remate de Paseo de Montejo. Casa T’HŌ does not emphasize the decoration of the venue itself, but rather the clothes and objects featured by the national brands that have converted each of its 11 rooms into splendid boutiques.


At Casa T’HŌ, the brands are all emblematic, with a unique point of view and a strong Mexican identity. Designers set up their showroom with elements that are representative of their label and which enhance their products, yet they maintain an overall sense of harmony with the rest of the Casona, which is sparkling white, with an abundance of plant life in the courtyard and on the terrace. In this sense, when you move from one room to the next, you can appreciate a transition in style and essence with each space. You will notice these details in the setting, the products, and even the vibe! No two designers are the same, and neither are their displays.


Currently, among the offerings you’ll find Casa Lima, which houses 90% Yucatecan brands, Purocorazón with signature jewelry, and the very talented Carla Fernández, who explores ancestral techniques to which she gives her own personal twist. Casa T’HŌ is also the home of Casilda Mut, who works exclusively with women from the highlands of Chiapas; Artesano, a brand dedicated to creating stylized linen clothing and house decor; and Daniela Bustos Maya, who works wonders with cotton threads and antique coins.


Bustos Maya also recently revealed a new space called Atelier Deco, which features her chic homeware collection. Xinú – Botanicaromática de las Américas – also joins the list of newcomers with “Humo,” the fifth perfume in their collection. As for showrooms, Caralarga is the newest arrival to Casa T’HŌ, opening last June. Their designs are made with fine cotton threads, and include a range of items that go from earrings to monumental pieces. Finally, since November, you can also find the SS21 collection by Lorena Saravia, who is featured as a special guest.


And if you need more reasons to visit this concept house other than the wide selection of Mexican fashion brands available, soon you will be able to enjoy coffee, wine, and small plates in their coquettish coffee shop.


Are you ready to experience everything Casa T’HŌ has to offer? Because I am more than ready. Take a trip into the heart of Mexican design.



Editorial by Olivia Camarena
Editorial Assistant



Photography by Olivia Camarena for use in Yucatán Today.

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