capicuaIt’s a design and trends space created by owners Caro Vales, Vivi Patrón and Maru Valenzuela, to offer a different option for Mérida; including home décor, furniture, fashion and jewellery so varied, that you can find something for every style.

“We were trying to think how to present something to this city which would focus on our careers: architecture, interior design, and administration. We follow the design trends all over the world, and while we were finishing our studies in New York, we came up with the idea for this store.”

Mexican design is stronger every day, and achieving more of a worldwide impact. That’s what inspired them to decide to support the talent of this country, whether vintage or modern, all created by Mexican artists and designers.

“We are all here to support each other and promote Mexican potential. Our goal is to see the store grow little by little, allowing artists a space to display their work, and thereby expand the audience for their designs. Our concept is a blend of art, fashion, and design.”

Calle 1F No. 232 x 30 y 36, Campestre
Tel. 999 944 1478
[email protected]
Facebook: Capicua Concept Store
Monday-Sunday 10 am – 8 pm


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