There are very few things a good Yucatecan breakfast can’t fix. We’re talking Huevos Motuleños, Panuchos, Tortas de Cochinita – the whole shebang. When I first arrived in Mérida, I was shaken by the amount of food I hadn’t tried. Breakfast is and always has been my favorite meal of the day, so the fact that Yucatán takes it so seriously brings me tremendous joy. If the thought of an ice-cold coke next to a freshly made Torta de Cochinita doesn’t bring a smile to your face: seek help.


TEYA – Gastronomía Viva Yucateca

Teya Viva is a place of tradition and they sure know how to make a Yucatecan meal. The first item on the menu almost made me fall out of my chair: Chilaquiles with Cochinita Pibil. What is this delicious sorcery? They also have a variety of Molletes (with Longaniza, Cochinita, and Castacán) that are to die for. They are offering delivery so feel free to brunch at home.


Calle 60 x 33 y 35 Paseo 60, Zona Paseo Montejo, Centro.
Tel: (999) 429 2426
Order pick up: (999) 948 8242
Available via Rappi and Uber Eats
FB: Teya Viva



Siqueff is a Yucatecan and Lebanese restaurant that has been around for decades and their breakfast menu is a true testament to the synergy that results from uniting these unique cuisines. Siqueff has been making their distinctive Huevos Motuleños for over 80 years! Make sure to order the Huevos Árabes with Kafta, the Poached Eggs with Hummus, or the Eggplant Omelette.



Calle 60 x 33 y 35 Paseo 60, Zona Paseo Montejo, Centro.
Avenida Andrés García Lavín #349 x 29 y 30, Montebello.
Tel. (999) 925 5027
Available via Rappi and UberEats
FB: Siqueff Restaurante


Wayan’é Mérida

To quote our editor, Maggie Rosado, “the Torta de Castacán con Queso will change your life.” Wayan’é is a staple for Meridanos and the whole city knows that breakfast here will put a swing in your step. Mauricio, the owner, says that must-try items at Wayan’é include the Taco de Chilibul, Pollo con Cilantro, and the life-altering Castacán aforementioned by Maggie, with or without cheese. Load your tacos and tortas with their fresh-made Salsas and enjoy!

Calle 15 x 18-A y 20, Itzimná
Ave. Circuito Colonias x Ave. Alemán y Felipe Carillo Puerto
Calle 59 x 46, Centro
Av. 128 Mérida 2000 x Lindavista
Tel. 999 938 0676
FB: Wayane Mérida


La LupitaLa Lupita

Tortas, Salbutes, Empanadas…Is your mouth watering yet?  This is an excellent place to get Cochinita and Lechón (or anything, really!). You’re bound to have an authentic experience at this stall in the Santiago market. Their super friendly staff will make you feel right at home while you devour everything that’s in front of you.

Calle 79 x 42, Centro.
Tel. 999 924 6591
FB: Taquería La Lupita



Reading Merci’s breakfast menu should be considered a form of torture. Everything sounds and tastes like heaven but today we’re talking about the Omelette Merci – with Longaniza from Valladolid (as it should be), cherry tomatoes, and goat cheese. Get ready for a Yuca-French explosion that will surely ease your AM hunger. 


Plaza San Angelo, Avenida 23 x 14 y 16
Calle 60 x 33 y 35 Paseo 60, Zona Paseo Montejo, Centro.
Tel. 999 941 6886
Tel. 999 948 8251
FB: Merci
IG: @mercimid


Huevos Motuleños

Doña Evelia

We couldn’t talk about Yucatecan breakfasts without mentioning Doña Evelia who has been cooking up Huevos Motuleños for over 20 years. She has always been a fan of this Yucatecan breakfast staple and used to cook them for all the guests that arrived at her home. Now, her famous “Puesto” in the Motul market attracts customers from all over the country and the world. Make a day out of it and see the charming town of Motul. 

Mercado Municipal 20 de Noviembre, Calle 26-A , Centro, Motul.
Tel. 991 959 0061
FB: Doña Evelia Huevos Motuleños



Editorial by Greta Garrett
Assistant Editor/Cartoon Villain
Yucatán Today



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