Today we want to tell you about something that is also “Very Yucatecan,” and I’m sure you will be asking yourself: what can be more Yucatecan than “trova,” “panuchos,” or “jarana?” The answer, of course, is: our people, especially the young entrepreneurs. We will tell you about three innovators who have created, based on their own daily necessities, some devices that can make life easier for us all.

Can you imagine being able to check whether you turned your coffee maker off before you left for work? Now you can do it by just checking in to an app on your cellphone or tablet, and there you can see if your coffee maker is ON or OFF. Or if you’re planning to go on vacation and you want to leave your house entry lights on at night, you can also program that in the same app that is linked to your Smart Plug. Cool!

Rodrigo, José Ramón and Mario founded “Blastbot” in 2014, a 100% Yucatecan company, whose goal to bring technology closer to everyone. They currently have two products: Smart Plug and Smart Control. With these devices you can program on-off times, improve your electricity efficiency, and control your home devices wherever you are. To use them, they have created an app for Android and IOS that allows you to synchronize your home devices. But they are already working on more ideas that are in the trial and production process.

Now let me tell you about the Smart Control. You know how annoying it is to have a control for your TV, another for your Blu-ray and one more for your air conditioner? With this device you will be able to have them all in one. As soon as they are synchronized in your app, you can program the on and off times, set a specific temperature for your AC, and create profiles for everything, all in the same place.

These young Yucatecans have already launched their products in other countries. They and many others are creating innovation in the state of Yucatán, whether in the world of technology, fashion, agriculture, and more. Yucatán is moving forward, and its people with it!

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By: Natalia Bejarano Calero

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