Pajaro Toh Aves Avistamiento birdwatchers YucatanThe Yucatán Peninsula, in its various ecosystems, hosts a great biodiversity of species that make of this region a privileged site with great potential to the scientific community as well to birdwatchers. The state is home to 50% of all the birds that have been recorded in México.


In 2002, a group of people got together to create the “Toh” bird festival (the “toh” is the official bird of the state of Yucatán), in order to showcase the rich diversity of bird species found in the state, and promote it as a nature tourism destination. The amazing part of the Festival is that it has activities that are suitable for experts and beginners, and for adults and children, so it can be a great family experience.


Birds of bright plumages and diverse songs have fascinated humanity through our history. They have inspired symbols of freedom, wisdom, strength, fertility and cunning. (Atlas Visual de la Ciencia 2006).


Remember also that during the Festival the Bird-a-thon Xoc Ch’ich’ will be taking place. The name comes from Maya; xoc means count, and ch’ich’ means bird. It is a competition of 29 hours and the winning team is the one that observes the highest number of bird species. So get out your walking shoes, your binoculars, and your camera, and enjoy the Festival!


For more information about how you can participate, contact:
LARN. Mariana Granillo Celis
Tel. (999) 988 4437 ext. 113
[email protected]

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