The Yucatecan beaches are literally “all right.” Not only do they captivate our five senses with their extraordinary charm, but they’re available to enjoy 365 days a year.


It doesn’t matter when you visit. While some months are more spectacular than others, the color of the water will always pop out in combination with the blue sky and white sand; plus, the natural environment, with its flora and fauna, offers a diverse universe from January to December. 


And here comes a bonus: all year round on Yucatán’s beaches you can practice several sports and take part in recreational activities at sea. It doesn’t matter how old you are, there’s an option for everyone. Find out more!


Kiteboarding in Progreso

Puerto Progreso is the heart of the Riviera Yucatán, and offers everything you need to partake in water activities such as kayaking, fishing, and even kiteboarding, among other very recommended activities for adventurers. Does that last one sound especially enticing? Luckily, you have various options. Yucatán Adventures, for example, has lessons and kiteboarding gear for rental; plus one of their core values is caring for the environment, which means you could happily take part in the restoration of the ecosystems during many of their expeditions. Other options in Progreso include Alphakite and Yuckite. 


Tel. 999 110 8883
FB: Alphakite


Yucatán Adventures
Tel. 999 486 9535
FB: Yucatan Adventures


Tel. 999 279 0255
FB: Yuckite


Kayaking in El Cuyo

El Cuyo is more than stunning crystal-clear beaches: you’ll also find a charming little town on the northeastern coast of Yucatán. If water activities are your thing, this will be paradise. Board your kayak (or paddle board, if you prefer) and take on the chill waters for a journey where you can find a myriad species in their natural environment. The tour includes a kayak, oar, life vest, and a local guide. 


Casa Kayak
Tel. 984 106 5183
FB: El Cuyo Actividades


Kitesurf in El Cuyo

In the same community, go looking for El Cuyo Kite School’s lessons. Their courses range from the basics to practice for more advanced kiters. The school supports the local youth, promotes sports, and works so that, in the future, kitesurfing becomes a motor for the local economy (El Cuyo and the neighbors). 


El Cuyo Kite School
Tel. and WhatsApp: 985 858 2357


Sailing in Telchac Puerto

Besides gorgeous natural scenery, Telchac Puerto invites you to sail. At Silcer, you’ll learn about the wind, sea, and navigation rules. They have highly trained instructors and every security measure, so that everyone, regardless of age, can practice this unique activity. Besides their lessons, they have a beach club with a restaurant and a pool for kids and adults. 


Marina Silcer
Tel. 999 178 3883
Tue. – Sun. 9 am – 4:30 pm 


Let’s see a sunken ship!

Setting for adventure from Sisal, the lovely Pueblo Mágico, you’ll marvel at the unique experience of snorkeling above a British steamboat sunken many, many years ago. Be ready to get amazed by the sea life that will swim around you while the guides tell you its story. On sunny days this activity is even more incredible, as the sun illuminates the whole ship and, thanks to the shallow waters, you can see the bottom of the sea. The tour includes snorkel gear, boat ride, a local guide, water, soda, Ceviche, and coconuts. 


Ziz Ha Tours Sisal
Tel. 999 197 9258
FB: Ziz Ha Tours Sisal


Recreational fishing in San Felipe

On the north coast is San Felipe, another unparalleled fishing community full of colorful houses; ideal for lots of selfies, of course. This is a unique place for recreational fishing. The activity includes the boat, guide, life vest, equipment, and bait. In addition, you can combine it with additional activities. 


Pedro Figueroa
Tel. 986 105 9737
FB: Pedro Figueroa Coral


Yoga and beach, the perfect duo

Progreso’s beaches invite everyone to try yoga by the sea, an experience that will connect your body and soul with nature. The classes offered at Óol (the Maya word for “soul”) are multilevel (Hatha and Vinyasa), but they also have other disciplines, such as dance, functional training, and specialized workshops. 


Óol, Yoga frente al Mar
FB: Óol, yoga frente al mar



Editorial by Cecilia García Olivieri
Writer and reporter
Sumario Yucatán




Photography by Cassie Pearse and Yucatán Turismo for use in Yucatán Today.

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