la sala art and design galleryLa Sala Art & Design Gallery is an exhibition and creation space, specializing in contemporary art, located in the Santa Ana “barrio” of Mérida’s Centro, a neighborhood that has become known as Gallery Row. La Sala stands out with its conceptual art, positioning itself as one of the most important galleries in Mérida, where people from all over the world have visited.

The month of March marks La Sala Art & Design Gallery’s first anniversary. To celebrate, the gallery’s own Spanish artist Alfredo Romero shows us his most recent collection “My Secret Garden” starting on March 17. He takes us on a tour of his most intimate work, and with energy and astuteness he transcends the limits of place, reaching all of the senses of the viewer and analyzing the existence of a world in constant movement. Born in Barcelona, Alfredo has more than 25 years in the artistic world and has been awarded prizes in art competitions including Bienal of Veracruz (2014),  Bienal of Campeche (2015), and Art Prize Michigan (2015). This new exhibition will tour various cities in México as well as Spain, with its first stop in Mérida, Yucatán.

Alfredo Romero’s comments about the collection “My Secret Garden”:

“Trees, plants, flowers. A natural and beautiful vision, where intense nature full of colors, life, and hope is all around us, in an alternatice world where there are continuous changes that surprise us.

“Trees that open paths along highways, plants in houses’ interior gardens, and flowers that go out through windows.

“It is from the point of view of an observer and an analyst, these vegetal details, where the sun hits with insatiable force and the leaves try to protect themselves by finding an impossible shade.

“The result is a collection of numerous contemplations of flora submerged in the sun, with sparkling colors that fill the canvases with life.

“A re-making and a re-birth, to once again feel the passion of life and natural joy which the fantastic nature of the Yucatecan peninsula provides.”

La Sala Art & Design Gallery
Calle 60 #399-A x 43 y 45, Centro, Mérida
Tel. (999) 289 3582


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