Painter, cartoonist…and above all, creator. As an artist Agustín González has a very specific vision that he transmits to his works of art, whether drawings, cartoons, or paintings. Originally from Jalisco, at 14 he attended Pasadena´s Art Center College on weekends until he graduated from high school, and later he studied animation at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, California. Agustín´s universe begins with drawing and translates effortlessly, with harmony and delicacy, to painting.

Whether made with pencil, watercolor, oil, or experimental ingredients such as plaster, cement, or sand, Agustín’s works of art impact the viewer because of their light, color, and subject. A constant theme is the presence of the human figure, the female body in movement, alive, in everyday scenes and with the artist’s eye providing a detailed composition. The viewer can step inside the scene and feel an instant connection.

Other pieces, inspired by the cityscapes and streets of our city, by its parks and its people, allow us to appreciate the natural beauty of Mérida. Another prevalent theme in Agustín’s work is the bohemian side of life and Mérida’s nightlife; the mystery of the people who appear and come to life when night falls. All this and much more is there for you to enjoy at Agustín Galería, located at the “Remate” (beginning) of Paseo de Montejo, at the corner of Calle 47, in a space that will invite you to admire original art made by a committed and dedicated artist.

To enter this gallery and speak with Agustín, observe his art and how he works is inspiring. If you are thinking of acquiring some original art, something beautiful and with which you can identify, this is an excellent option. The prices are affordable, for drawings and for paintings. His art is purchased by locals and foreigners alike, and he is always working on something new.

Don’t miss his wood pieces made with hot beeswax and many others in the creation process, which he will happily tell you about. Also worth noting, an important part of his work includes the human figure, and the majority of these were made with the use of models, capturing the living essence but with Agustín’s unique perspective.

Open from 9 am to 12 noon every day except Tuesday, and Friday and Saturday evenings from 7 pm to midnight, the gallery also exhibits works from invited artists. Follow him on FB (Agustín Galería) to stay up to date on current activities. How about a concert while watching him paint? Incredible!

Agustín also shares his knowledge and experience giving personalized drawing and painting classes in his studio (Calle 58 A No. 483 A x 25, Colonia Itzimná), in which children have participated and also talented students who are studying design or architecture. “I am proud to contribute to the development of children and young people,” he says. His personalized classes are given to the public from Monday to Thursday 4 pm – 8:30 pm (weekly format). There are courses open now.

Every month look for the cartoon “Surviving Yucatán” in Yucatan Today magazine. The intelligent, sensitive humor about tourism, traditions, or things to observe during your visit to Yucatán will bring a smile to your face.


Painter, cartoonist…and above all, creator.

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