Argentina is one of the leading countries in Latin American contemporary art.

Argentina has as wide a palette of colors as it has artists. The combination of them all represents the colorful, the monochromes, the feeling, the fears, and the fearlessness of various generations who meet and dialogue in the galleries and museums within and outside of their homeland.

“Argentina en Yucatán”, name of the exhibit at Macay Museum, is comprised of 136 works of art by 27 artists who unfurl their stories about what is art today in Argentina. Exploring the limits of installation, sculpture, painting, graphics, photography, and video, they reveal distinct visions and efforts and they give to us an instant of contemporary art of this country, considered one of the leading countries in Latin American contemporary art.

Although the majority of the artists responded to Macay’s invitation personally, theer is also the participation of the galleries Arte x Arte, Carla Rey Arte Contemporáneo, Gachi Prieto Art Gallery, Insight Arte and Nora Fisch Arte Contemporáneo, with some of the artists they represent.

The exhibit, organized by the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Ateneo de Yucatán (Macay) of the state government of Yucatán, will be on display in salons 9, 10, 11 and 11 annex, as well as in the north gallery and the expoforo, until July 31, 2013; while in the Pasaje Revolución, outside forum annex, will be a selection of large format sculpture, which will remain until Sept. 30, 2013.

Exhibiting artists:

Alejandro Avakian
Alfonso Castillo
Ana Lía Werthein
Anastasia Moiseeff
Andrea Anzorena
Andrés Labake
Andrés Waissman
Antonia Guzmán
Ariel Ballester
Carolina Antoniadis
Claudio Ruíz
Cristina Hauk
Cynthia Kampelmacher
Daniel Kiblisky
Diana Schufer
Eduardo Medici
Gerardo Wohlgemuth
Jorge Miño
Luis Campos
Margarita Milano
Nadia Guthmann
Richard Noguera
Santiago Raffo
Sergio Fasola
Silvia Corcuera
Simón Altkorn
Viviana Zargón

Calle 60, Next to Cathedral on Plaza Grande.
Tel. (999) 928 3258 & 928 3236.
Open: Every day except Tuesday 10:00 – 18:00 hrs.
Admission: Free

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