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Yucatán Today is the most sought after magazine and media for those who want to learn and enjoy more of Yucatán.

For 34 years we have accompanied travelers and residents to discover the attractions
and culture of our state; Through this work we have built an organic and loyal market niche, with the recognition and recommendation of all who know us:

Yucatán Today is considered “the traveler’s bible in Yucatán”.



How would you like our readers to find you? Print, digital or both…



Print and digital magazine

Monthly, Yucatán Today offers more than 90 pages with original and updated content, and spaces to show off and highlight your products and services.


Print magazine:

  • 10,000 monthly copies
  • 91% of travelers consult
  • + 300 distribution points
  • 90% of readers keep it


Digital magazine:

  • 84,525 monthly impressions
  • 3,290 monthly readings



110,937 users

Since 1998, we have been the most important reference website for residents and visitors planning a tour of the Yucatan, with an average of 95,000 visits per month. We have various spaces on the site and on downloadable maps.


Social networks

+54,000 organic followers

Our social media presence has grown organically, with followers genuinely interested in the content we create and share. You can be part of our content.



+12,000 subscribers

Our biweekly newsletter reaches more than 12,000 subscribers in 2 languages, offering featured content and the monthly magazine. Here you can promote your products and services, as well as guide readers to your website or social networks.



Who reads Yucatán Today?


Yucatán Today’s audience has diversified over time, and according to the evolution of the state as a tourist destination and residence.

  • 54% women and 46% men
  • 50% Spanish and 45% English
  • They spend between $50 and $200 USD per day per person, usually in groups of 2 to 5 people.

Mexican and foreign travelers interested in knowing the culture of the state, updated information on tourist sites, gastronomy, shopping, nightlife and real estate. Over 25 years old.

Foreign, Mexican, and Yucatecan residents who want to know the state with family and friends. They want to know more about where they live, as well as discover new destinations, gastronomy and entertainment options in Yucatan. Over 25 years old.

  • Tourists who come for a period of time
  • Expat community from all over the world living in Yucatan
  • Mexpat Community, Mexicans living in Yucatan
  • Local Yucatecans



What is the reader of Yucatán Today looking for?


Travel and discover the state of Yucatan, from the best known to its most remote and surprising corners.


Acquire quality products and services, for daily and special consumption, to pamper yourself or share.


Try new flavors and learn where to find them.



Rates in Print and Digital Magazine

Color ads

  • Cover $28,900 pesos
  • Back cover $25,000 pesos
  • Inside cover and back cover $20,000 pesos
  • 1 page $17,000 pesos
  • 1/2 page $12,500 pesos
  • 1/4 page $8,000 pesos
  • 1/8 page $4,800 pesos
  • Single central map $3,000 pesos
  • Double central map $5,000 pesos
  • Triple central map $7,500 pesos

Rates in Mexican pesos. 16% tax included.


Black and White Ads

  • 1/4 page $4,300 pesos
  • 1/8 page $2,500 pesos
  • 1/12 page $1,600 pesos
  • 1/24 page $1,000 pesos

Rates in Mexican pesos. 16% tax included.




Discount for advance payment in a single exhibition before the closing date of the first edition:

  • -10% for 3 months
  • -15% for 6 months
  • -20% for 12 months



Design and location

  • Magazine ad design $500 pesos
  • Website ad design $200 pesos
  • Guaranteed location on rate, with the exception of back cover and linings +5%



Rates in Website


Website ads

  • Header $2,000 pesos for 3 months
    Rectangle in the upper right corner of the entire site (alternating with other headers)
  • Regular spot $1,500 pesos for 3 months
    Square right side of the entire site (alternating with other spots)
  • Premium Spot $3,500 pesos for 3 months
    Square left side, within the three most visited editorial articles (fixed position, no other ads)
  • Footer $1,000 pesos for 3 months
    Rectangle at the bottom of all editorial articles (alternates with other footers)
  • Regular downloadable map $1,000 pesos for 3 months
    Location bottom of the PDF map
  • Premium downloadable map $1,300 pesos for 3 months
    Location bottom of the PDF map

Rates in Mexican pesos. 16% tax included.



Social media rates



Stories $450 pesos
· Duration: 24 hours
· Three sheets: cover, content, contact


Featured stories $800 pesos
They remain in the profile for a month
Deliver: photos, text, link and sticker


Video: Reel or IGTV $800


Post in feed $800





Stories $450
· Duration: 24 hours
· Same Instagram Post


Feed publication $500 pesos
· Link, image, album or video


Rates in Mexican pesos. 16% tax included.



Total Presence Packages


Package 1: “The Starter Pack”


Package 2: “I Want Color”


Package 3: “I Want to be Seen”


Package 4: “The All-In”


Package 5: “The All-In”


Package “Lets Celebrate”

An aggressive strategy that is perfect for company anniversaries, milestones, and very high seasons.

Rates in Mexican pesos. 16% tax included.





Additional information:

  • Guaranteed positioning: +5% to above rates
  • Discounts: 10% discount on upfront payment for 3 months, 15% on 6 months, and 20% on 12 months.
  • Free listings, What’s New and Promotions and Discounts


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