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Yucatán Today is the most sought-after magazine and media for those who want to learn and enjoy more of Yucatán.

Yucatán Today is considered “the traveler’s bible in Yucatán”.

For 35 years we have accompanied travelers and residents to discover the attractions and culture of our state.

Today, we also have different digital distribution platforms for our content, sought after by thousands of people in Mexico and the world.




Why are readers looking for us?


Because we offer up-to-date and honest information on destinations, culture, and state news, this allows you to get the most out of your stay.


To travel and discover the state of Yucatan from the best known to its most remote and surprising corners.


To acquire quality products and services for daily and special consumption, to indulge or share.


To try new flavors and know where to find them.




Yucatán Today reaches the hands of travelers because it is in the places most frequented by travelers, but it also has a large number of readers who wait for it, look for it, and even come to look for it at our offices every month. This allows us to know our readers with certainty: Yucatecans and new Yucatecans (Mexicans who now reside in the Yucatan), foreign residents (expats), and medium and short-term visitors.


The reasons why the print version of Yucatán Today cannot be missing from your marketing mix:


  • Yucatán Today is considered the bible of tourism in Yucatán
  • Yucatán Today is the print medium with the greatest variety of readers
  • Yucatán Today prints 10,000 copies per month (verifiable: 10,000, every month, without fail or delay)
  • Yucatán Today triples your presence (print magazine, digital magazine, and website)
  • The investment is monthly and your presence has an average life of 6 months.



Print and digital magazine


Monthly we offer more than 90 pages with original and updated content, and spaces to show off and highlight your products and services.

Printed Magazine:

  • 10,000 monthly copies
  • +300 distribution points
  • 91% of travelers consult
  • 90% of readers keep it

Digital magazine:





Since 1998, we have been the most complete and important reference website on the Yucatan for residents and visitors.

More than 100,000 pages visited monthly.

All your information with active links.

Advertising space on the site and free download of maps.






Our biweekly newsletter reaches more than 12,700 subscribers in 2 languages, offering featured content and the monthly magazine. Here you can promote your products and services, as well as guide readers to your website or social networks.

  • 37% open rate
  • Click through rate 12%




Social media


Our social media presence has grown organically, with followers genuinely interested in the content we create and share. You can be part of our content.



We want you to be seen more! This is free for you every month:


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Additional information:

  • Guaranteed positioning: +5% to above rates
  • Discounts: 5% discount on upfront payment for 3 months, 7.5% on 6 months, and 10% on 12 months.
  • Free listings, What’s New and Promotions and Discounts


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