Answer your adventure call: discover unique archaeological sites and explore the secrets of the underground caves. Don´t miss it!

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Wouldn’t you like to see the only sundial in Yucatán? Caves that will take you to the deepest underground? Yucatecan food prepared in the traditional way? Maxcanú has so many reasons to visit. Located 65 km from Mérida on the way to Campeche, it offers a variety of attractions for adventurers: for those who want to dive into history and enjoy nature.

Sundial in Yucatán

Maxcanu Iglesia San Miguel Arcangel• Our first recommendation is the church of San Miguel Arcángel, the town patron, whose festivities take place September 15 – 29 with the “gremios” (guilds) celebrations, fireworks, and folk dances. You will be amazed by the gold leaf altarpiece and the paintings in classic style.
• Next to the church you will find the only sundial in the state: the 90th Meridian passes through the church tower; this is the line that establishes the time in México according to Greenwich…such a discovery for your inner adventurer!

Where to Eat?

The mercado offers a huge variety of typical Yucatecan dishes and snacks; you can also try the Oxkintok restaurant in downtown Maxcanú. Don´t forget to have a barley water or a “jícama” grown in this area.

What to do?

The population consists mainly of Maya, who maintain their customs and peaceful living. You will see original Maya houses built with stones and “huano”, and you might see armadillos, possums and other animals in their natural habitat.

Another attraction is the Three Cruces (three crosses) hill, famous for its many legends. You will need to walk up its stairs in order to appreciate this 200 year-old chapel, and of course the amazing view.

A labyrinth built by the Mayas?

Your next stop is the archeological site “Oxkintok” (stone of three suns), with its labyrinthine structure, enigmatic and Maxcanu Calcehtokmysterious (entrance fee is $50 pesos, open every day from 9 am – 5 pm).

Only 6 km away, prepare yourself to go into the underground world at Calcehtok Cave (stone of the neck of the deer). You will go through caves that are connected with tunnels and you will be able to see natural formations that are like faces or animals. There are different tours: family, adventurer, and extreme.

In some areas you will need to crawl on your chest, so take special shoes and clothes, as it can be slippery and muddy, especially in the rainy season (May – October). You will also need plenty of energy. When you leave the caves, your spirit of adventure will be satisfied and renewed.

By Violeta H. Cantarell

– Península de Yucatán

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