Fresh, light, and elegant: those are some of the adjectives most associated with linen, one of the best textiles for our warm and always sunny lands. This natural fiber is also the one used to make one of the most traditional Yucatan garments: the guayabera. That’s one of Ábito’s classics, but in their stores, you will find plenty more. 


Ábito saw the light of day more than 20 years ago as part of a university project created by its now-director, Gustavo Millet. What began as a small enterprise is today a brand specialized in linen garments with a presence throughout Mexico through its own website, in addition to Amazon, MercadoLibre, and, so far, 15 stores nationwide. 


If you have walked by any of its stores, you know that the brand usually delights us with collaborations with local artisans. Those are, by the way, limited editions; once they’re gone, they’re gone. Whether through artisanal techniques, such as a cross-stitch guayabera, or unique garments with art. One of their collaborations is a line of products with art by Calocho. For example, hats and shawls that you will only see in some stores. 


Linen fashion in Ábito

The brand revisits traditional styles, giving them a modern and elegant twist, ad hoc with the trends. While innovative, Ábito does not lose sight of its Yucatecan roots, such as the aesthetics of the haciendas. However, every year, they surprise us with two different collections inspired by attractive concepts. 


On this occasion, the autumn-winter collection comes with two capsules that will gradually arrive in stores. The first capsule was inspired by Art Deco; the second, in stores starting this month, delves into Mexican surrealism led by Frida Kahlo. 



The Mediterránea line

Ábito has an additional ladies’ line that follows its own rules: Mediterránea. This is “more fluid,” for any occasion. Mediterránea integrates a bohemian, flowy style, leaning towards the casual. 


Ironically, you may be surprised to learn that linen does not grow in hot climates like ours. Ábito’s European linen gets a fun twist for Mediterránea, as it goes through processes that differentiate it from the textile used for other garments. The dyeing is done in-house, as is the washing process to achieve that softness we love. 


Ábito - colección otoño-invierno 2022

Additional data: Wrinkly linen

Nobody appreciates finding wrinkles in clothes, it’s normal. The very concept of “wrinkles” is universally and categorically rejected. However, wrinkles on linen are to be embraced. You might iron the garment, it will look perfect and you will look wonderful in the mirror. A few steps later…wrinkles everywhere. It is in the nature of linen, a textile that is easily marked. 


Does your linen garment wrinkle easily? Congratulations! You have a high-quality linen garment, free from other textiles. Those wrinkles are a marker of style and elegance.
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Photography by Ábito for use in Yucatán Today.

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