Art and handcrafts can be combined in an extraordinary way with unique pieces that reflect the creativity, talent, ability and knowledge of the artisans of Yucatán. The association Amigos de los Artistas/Artesanos Nuevos de Yucatán (AANY) shows off their work at events, exhibitions and an annual sale known as “Arte a Mano” (handmade art).

AANY was created eight years ago, with the support of Joan Farrell, as a non-profit association that promotes handmade art and quality handcrafts from Yucatán. They have sponsored more than 13 exhibitions and organized successful annual sales for the past four years. “In 2015 more than 70 artists participated in the annual fair, and for 2016 we have more than 85 confirmed,” Viridiana Lagunas, AANY director, told us.

They travel throughout the state, identifying and recognizing the handcrafts from local artists, selecting the ones for their events that fulfill three requirements: originality, execution, and interesting use of materials. It’s important to note that the works are unique, real handcrafted pieces; including decorative, textiles, jewelry, furniture, applications on paper and paper products, glass, wood, and more.

Some of the new exhibitors this year at “Arte a Mano” are: Alma Valencia, who presents a variety of carved “Leks” (pumpkins) inspired by the floral designs of the Yucatecan “hipiles” (traditional dresses); Pamela Canto, who presents her new modern jewelry collection, made of cement; José Emmanuel Uc, who presents his attractive masks and animal figures made from coconut husks; and Ángeles Amezcua, who will offer her beautiful hand-painted shawls.

We spoke with Gabriela Aguilar, who makes decorative figures with recycled textile materials. “For me it’s a personal reward to be able to exhibit my products with AANY, not only to be able to sell, but to be recognized for what we do: to be appreciated for products made by hand.”

The AANY annual sale is a great opportunity for collectors, for anyone looking for decorative and unique elements for their houses, for store and hotel owners, and for visitors and locals who appreciate the dedication behind every piece.

Don’t miss it!

“Arte a Mano 2016, For the Home and the Heart”
Av. Itzáes #273, Colonia García Ginerés
Friday, December 2: 5 pm – 9 pm
Saturday, December 3 and Sunday, December 4: 10 am – 7 pm

By Violeta H. Cantarell

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