Carlos Alberto García connects to Zoom (I really miss doing interviews in person) and he begins by warning me: “I am very talkative and can really get going.” Perfect! He tells me about the project Sabor a Yucatán, an initiative that wants to help reactivate some of the state’s different industries, such as the culinary sector and farming. How? Through Master Classes with Yucatán’s top chefs and food writers. On Sabor a Yucatán’s platform, you can purchase a pre-recorded cooking class and a box full of fresh, local, Yucatecan products will arrive right to your doorstep.


“It’s a heartfelt project that comes from a team of Mexican entrepreneurs…since the pandemic started, we’ve been looking for ways to make our businesses work and believe that the only way to achieve this is together, by creating partnerships,” Carlos tells me.

Some of the chefs we can learn from are Alex Méndez of Astro Bistro and Tintorera, Karla Fernández who is the pastry chef at KUUK, and Mamá Geny. “Mexican cuisine is one of the most important, most delicious, and brightest in the world,” Carlos continues. “We owe this in part to our cooks, the local talent that shines behind each dish, but it’s also thanks to the wealth of our country’s agriculture and farming sectors.” This platform is a way to celebrate this, to dignify, and to elevate the culinary culture of our beautiful state. “Within Mexican cuisine there are certain regional cuisines that just stand out, and Yucatán is one of them,” he finishes.

Personally, I am a terrible cook, and my whole family can attest to that. However, I’m really drawn to experiencing a culinary adventure like this one (one that goes beyond reading a recipe I got off the internet, and failing miserably in the process). It’s not just about having a good time and having a beautiful meal – it’s also about helping a group of people, and creating a chain of wellbeing, as Carlos explains. The project benefits every participant, from the chefs, to the local producers, farmers, and fishermen. This passion for food and for helping others is something that definitely tastes like Yucatán.

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Editorial by Greta Garrett
Assistant Editor


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