Sometimes you really strike lucky. Being asked to review patisseries and boulangeries is definitely one of those times, because now, when I’m eating cake, I can loftily inform people that it’s “for work.” Even if you don’t have my brilliant excuse for cake eating, I can highly recommend you adopt my attitude and make an effort to visit all the establishments mentioned in this article. You won’t be disappointed (I mean, you might if your pants no longer fit, but that’s a problem for future you).


La Patisserie Paris


La Patisserie Paris brings French elegance, sophistication and first-rate cake to Mérida. I felt entirely at a loss to know what to order here because I wanted everything. In the end, we settled on a pistachio choux, a chocolate truffe, a lemon meringue pie, and a plain croissant for my non-cake eating child. The Parisian pâtissier is a delight to chat with in Spanish, French, or English should you have questions about his creations.

San Ramón Norte, Avenida Cámara de Comercio x 34
FB: La Pâtisserie Paris


Petit Délice

This sophisticated patisserie in the north of Mérida is spectacular. As well as offering a first-rate patisserie selection, Petit Délice also has a wide breakfast menu that looks pretty scrumptious. My giant raspberry macaron was just the right degree of crispy shell to inner gooey perfection, and my son declared his chocolate eclair and hot chocolate combo to be totally delicious.

Plaza Victory, Avenida Andrés García Lavín #352
FB: Petit Délice
IG: @petitdelicemx


C’est Pantastic

C’est Pantastic is a small patisserie in the suburban area of Campestre. Here you will find cakes that are both visually and gastronomically spectacular. My family and I headed here for a mid-morning sugar hit and loved every bite. My son ate a piece of chocolate cake practically bigger (and more delicious) than his head while my daughter enjoyed a cheesecake she wasn’t keen on sharing with me. My personal favorite will always be their lemon pie, though.

Avenida Campestre #262 x 7 y 9 Campestre
Tel. 999 944 5706
FB: C’est Pantastic
IG: @cpantastic


Escargot Panadería Francesa

There are three branches of Escargot in Mérida. I chose to snarf down delicious pastries at the Centro “sucursal.” It’s a small and unassuming space, but don’t let that put you off. We chose six pastries to share between two, including a perfect pain au chocolat. It was entirely in the name of research, I assure you. I thought we’d have some left to take home, but it turns out leaving fabulous pastries on a plate is a skill I do not possess, and I will not apologize for this failing.

Many branches
Tel. 999 331 5135
FB: Escargot Panadería Francesa
IG: @escargotpanaderiafrancesa


Le Macaron Boutique, The Harbor [Closed]

A small stand in the newest of Mérida’s malls, The Harbor, offers macarons every bit as good as those I used to eat in Europe. The selection of flavors is wide and everyone in my family easily found more than one they wanted to try (I particularly enjoyed the pistachio). If you go on a Tuesday, there is a two-for-one deal well worth taking advantage of! While the stand is small, there are plenty of extremely comfortable places to sit and enjoy your tasty macarons at The Harbor.

The Harbor Mall, Vía Montejo
FB:  Le Macaron Boutique



Editorial by Cassie Pearse
Freelance writer and blogger, born in the UK. Cassie has a BA from Oxford University and an MA from SOAS, University of London. She lives in Mérida and loves exploring Yucatán with her family.




Photography by Cassie Pearse for use in Yucatán Today.


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