The Equinox is on September 22, but the snake made up of light and shadows on Chichén Itzá’s El Castillo is visible on sunny days around it, close to 4 pm. Pair this experience with a swim in the Lol-Ha cenote and a delicious serving of Cochinita Pibil at Parador Turístico Yaxunah. Spent the night at Hotel Chichén Itzá, in Pisté.



Xkopek - Valladolid


Begin your day by visiting the newly opened Museo Comunitario de Pisté, and then head to Valladolid, where the Xkopek Beekeeping Park awaits to teach you all about different types of honey and the bees that make them. For dinner, let yourself be delighted by local flavors with a modern twist at restaurant Idilio. You better get to bed early, because tomorrow you’ll be up way before the crack of dawn.



Xbatún - Cocinas Tradicionales


You have to be in Xocén very early to make the most of your day with the folks at Xocén Birding Trail. Your plans and activities have to be made in advance, but be advised the longer you stay, the more you’ll be able to do, and won’t regret a thing. Back in Valladolid, take part in Aldea Xbatún’s ancestral dinner.




While you’re in Valladolid, this is your chance to take their free walking tour by morning. Then you’ll be off to visit the Ek Balam archeological site, but not before a strategic stop at Temozón to try their Carne Ahumada and Relleno Negro sausage tacos. Depending on how tired you are, choose between spending the night in Tizimín, or go straight to our next stop on the northern coast of Yucatán: Dzilam de Bravo.



Beach day! Enjoy everything that Dzilam and Santa Clara have to offer: turquoise-green water, sand, sun, and seabreeze, all to yourself. Both villages have plenty of family restaurants; this is your chance to make small talk with the locals and ask them to recommend their favorite. We’ll be spending the night at the beautiful Hacienda San Francisco Tzacalhá.



Today we live slowly and enjoy every second of it. Allow yourself to be woken up by nature and then explore the Hacienda grounds. If you feel your body needs action, swim a couple of laps in the pool; if not, just enjoy the day with a book or a few games of pool in any of their many common areas. Before you go to bed (or hammock), make time to take a look at the stars away from the city lights.


Huevos Motuleños


The traditional Sunday breakfast in Yucatán is Cochinita Pibil…unless you happen to be in Motul and head to the market for Huevos Motuleños. Then you can visit the church and the Museo Biblioteca Felipe Carrillo Puerto, and take a peek inside the Sambulá cenote. Since you’re already so close to Mérida, why not try one of its many restaurants? May we suggest Bistrola 57, or Cuna, within Hotel Wayam.


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