Chuburná Puerto


Our route begins in Chuburná Puerto, with a picnic at the Las Dunas beach area. If you prefer, you can also hang out at the beach and then explore culinary options at the Mercado, or at one of the restaurants available in the village.



Progreso, Malecón


On the way to Progreso, stop by the Pig Beach, a detour just before you exit Chelem. In Progreso, walk along the Traditional and International Boardwalks, and then cool off with the ice-cold beverage of your choice and the freshest seafood by the sea.



X'cambó - sitios arqueológicos, archaeological sitesWednesday

Visit the Xcambó archaeological site and marvel at the rich Maya history told by its constructions. Then, venture out for a drive along the Laguna Rosada…you might catch a pink flamingo or two! Finally, choose one of the nearby hotels to cool off and take the day off.




Visit the impressive San Crisanto coconut tree fields, and then take the mangrove tour offered by the Ejido. For a rustic experience, stay at one of their cabins; if that’s not your thing, spend the night at Dzilam de Bravo, where our adventure will continue in the morning.




At Dzilam, take a tour of the natural spring in the water and the Elepetén cenote (the Sayachuleb co-op is a great tour operator choice); if you have the time, ask for the tour that includes Las Bocas beach. Enjoy your last sunset on the coast; tomorrow we’re going back inland.




Head to Motul as early as you can to beat the crowds that, like you, will have Huevos Motuleños for breakfast at the municipal market. From there, we’re off to Tixkokob, where you can visit the former convent of San Bernardino, and enough hammock manufacturers to guarantee you’ll find a perfect one to take home. At night, make the most of the activities in Mérida Centro.




Walk down Paseo Montejo and explore its many attractions, including Montejo 495 and El Minaret, and try a frozen treat. If after so much beach you’re in the mood for red meat, it’s impossible to go wrong with options like Texas Roadhouse and Sanbravo.




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