It all starts in Izamal! Tour the convent and the pyramids, and make the most of the photo-friendly settings and view. In the afternoon, fight the heat and dress like a local by visiting the nearby village of Kimbilá and its endless typical clothes storefronts. Remember: it’s not appropriation if you wear it respectfully.



Head to Tunkás and get a local guide to take you to the hidden treasure that is the (free) Mumundzonot cenote; you have to enter through a cave, but the experience is worth it for sure. Choose to stay in Kankabal or in one of the many options Espita has to offer.



Walk around Espita and fall in love with its peacefulness. Its church, market, and city hall are all witnesses to almost 500 years of history. Hungry? Try an assortment of typical snacks at the market, or for a more gourmet experience, visit Casona Los Cedros.




Today you’ll be discovering a new side of Yucatán in Tizimín. Home to many of the state’s cattle ranchers, this city, its food, and the way people dress would seem to be worlds apart from the rest of the state. Don’t cease to be amazed by the Tizimín “catacombs” and their unique history.




Head early to San Felipe and take a boat tour around the natural spring, Isla Cerritos, and a crystal-clear beach like you’ve only seen in movies. Visit El Popular Vaselina for lunch, and fill your Insta with the picturesque wooden houses in the village.




We’re off to Dzidzantún! On your way to Hacienda San Francisco Tzacalhá, don’t hesitate to make a photo stop at Hacienda Santa María (be careful, though, it’s literally on the road) or Chenché de las Torres, a hacienda that looks like a fairy-tale castle.




Enjoy the peace offered by Hacienda San Francisco Tzacalhá and its gorgeous facilities; if you’re thirsty for some beach action, head to Santa Clara, just 15 minutes away. Your accommodation will be a haven for repose and relaxation afterwards.



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