Iglesia de Itzimná con flores y farolas rojo by Laura PasosMonday

Kick off the week by exploring the flavors of Itzimná, one of Mérida’s nine original neighborhoods and a destination with centuries of culinary tradition. Gonzalo has compiled a list of places to visit , where you’ll find options for every palate and budget. 




Today we’re off to Izamal. The City of Hills has recently reopened access to four pyramids in the area, in addition to the famous Kinich Kakmó. In the afternoon, take a stroll through its lively yellow streets and visit the Convent of San Antonio de Padua. ¿Do you already know all of their Pyramids?


Homún - Cenote Hool KosomWednesday

Homún is famous for being home to an abundance of beautiful cenotes. Make the most of your day, and when it’s time to kick back, head over to Hameki for a glamping night with an open-air cinema and a cozy bonfire.




Thursday is for discovering the magic of Acanceh, a small village that blends elements of pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern culture. Visit the church and the municipal market, both located in the main square. Once you’re done, cross the street and take a stroll through the Palace of the Stuccoes to be dazzled by the figures of animals and humans carved into the stones of this pyramid.



If you’re looking for adventure, the caves and cenotes of Tzabnah in Tecoh will be waiting for you on Friday. Descend 56 ft. to reach the beautiful cenote surrounded by stalagmites and stalactites. The trip will leave you hungry, so don’t forget to visit the market. Or, if you prefer, you can head to one of the haciendas near Tecoh to enjoy a unique culinary experience.


Sotuta de Peón producción de henequén by Daniel DuránSaturday

A dream day awaits in Sotuta de Peón: do the henequen tour (and don’t skip the cenote swim), and then enjoy a nice meal at their restaurant. Take your time and stop at some of the villages along the way to Mérida and try a local snack; you’ll surely find fruit, tamales, or a nice pastry.



El Lucero del Alba Corredor GastronómicoSunday

Wrap up your week in Mérida. Take advantage of the morning to explore Paseo de Montejo on wheels during the Sunday Biciruta. In the afternoon, stroll through Corredor Gastronómico 47. The restaurant options seem endless, but don’t worry, make room in your stomach and let your palate be your guide on this adventure.



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